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People are motivated to work because they sense a purpose for themselves and their lives. They see this as a vocation rather than an everyday task that they should just do just for the sake of doing it. If most people would think this way, then they are bound for dissatisfaction and sadness. They would feel purposeless and worthless in everything they do. This is a sad reality for some. They are doing things that they never liked.

Being a therapist and a psychologist is maybe one of the best careers that can make you feel like doing it everyday. This career makes you feel that it is already a vocation rather than a career. What makes a therapist differ from that of a psychologist?

A therapist is someone who finished with the following degrees such as psychology and chose psychiatry as a specialization after medicine. He or she is someone who was trained to counsel such as marriage counselors or school counselors. He or she can also be life coaches or social workers.

A psychologist, on the other hand, finished a Bachelor’s of Science in psychology exclusively. He or she possess a degree in it. He or she is also licensed by the state of residence. A psychologist cannot be called such without passing or completing the necessary requirements.

In terms of duties and responsibilities, both have similar tasks to do, and they have one goal which is to help people with emotional problems. Psychologists can perform research regarding their patient’s dilemma that can be published in academic journals. They can also do therapy to their patients. They can diagnose their emotional problems they are having in their lives. Then from that diagnosis they can elicit proper treatments and interventions to correct these problems.

Therapists, on the other hand, since they have varying degrees can also perform these tasks. However, those therapists who don’t possess higher forms of degrees such as Masters and Ph.D’s cannot perform counseling, diagnosis of problems, and treatments as well. However, they can provide guidance to these problematic people as well as the support needed. They can also assist them in making good decisions. They can also help them clarify feelings.


A therapist and psychologist may differ in the degrees they received in college.
A therapist can be a psychologist, psychiatrist, or counselor, but a psychologist is an exclusive psychologist but can also counsel and do other responsibilities.
A therapist who is a psychiatrist can administer medications but a psychologist cannot.

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  1. This answer is factually wrong, at least in California. Fact check these articles. Psychiatrists have MD degrees and a license, Psychologists have a PHd degree and a license, licensed social workers and counselors have a masters degree and a license.

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