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Latino vs Mexican

“Latino” is word which is used to refer to the Spanish-speaking people or culture. It is used to refer to people of Latin American descent who are living in the United States of America. They are also otherwise known as Hispanics.

The word “Latino” or “Latina” came from American Spanish words which were derived from the Latin word “Latinus” which means “Latin.” It may also have been a shortened form of the word “Latinoamericano” or “Latin American.”
It is a demonym or an umbrella word which is used to describe a resident of a certain place. These words are created by adding suffixes to the name of a place such as “African” for people from Africa and “Asian” for the people from Asia. Thus, the term “Latino” is used to describe the people from Latin America and other Spanish-speaking countries.

It is officially used in the United States to refer to people of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, and South American descent as well as those from countries which have been influenced by the Spanish culture regardless of race and ethnicity. This includes people with Spanish ancestry on either the mother’s or father’s side; those with Spanish heritage having ancestors who are natives of a former Spanish colony; and those who are Spanish speaking.

The term “Mexican,” on the other hand, is used to refer to the country of Mexico, its people, language, culture, cuisine, and religion. Officially called the United Mexican States, it is a federal Constitutional Republic located in North America. While Mexicans living in the United States may be called Latinos, those who are residents and citizens of Mexico are called Mexicans. They are a mixed race having native Indian as well as Spanish ancestors. Others also have Asian, African, and other European ancestors.

The Mexican language is composed of several indigenous Amerindian languages, but Spanish is the language being spoken by the majority of its people. Its culture is heavily influenced by the Spaniards who also brought with them their religion and converted the natives.

Mexican cuisine is also very distinct and is mostly based on corn and beans. Its most popular dishes are tortillas, tamales, and gorditas all made from corn. Mexican food is also full of spices and herbs, and Mexican beverages like mescal and tequila are well known the world over.


1.“Latino” is a word which is used to refer to the people living in the USA who are Spanish speaking or of Spanish descent while “Mexican” is a word which is used to refer to the people, culture, and language of Mexico.
2.“Latino” can refer to people from Cuba, Puerto Rico, South America, and other Spanish-influenced countries including Mexico regardless of race and ethnicity while “Mexican” specifically refers to the country of Mexico.
3.Both a Latino and a Mexican have Spanish as their language. While Latino cuisine and culture may be diverse, Mexico has a distinct culture and cuisine which are all its own and which can be called Mexican.

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  1. Hmmm…Umm… I don’t believe this is a correct analysis. Mexican is not Latin. Mexican is hispanic and hispanic native indian. Mexicans do not speak the Latin language of portugese. Mexicans generally speak different dialects of spanish and native indian & spanish.

  2. So if my parents are Mexican does that mean Im Mexican or Latina?

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