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Tremolo vs Trill: Music to Your Ears

Piano is one of the most wonderful things to listen to when played.

The tremolo can be defined as the trembling effect of the notes. When there are two notes that are far from each other, they create a fluttering sound. This fluttering sound is the tremolo. A slash symbolizes the tremolo when it is noted. The main purpose of the tremolo is to accentuate the sound created. By accentuating the music, the listeners will be pleased because it will be soothing to their ears. Musicians use the tremolo exactly for this purpose, to let the listeners hear more beautiful music. People mistake the tremolo as an add-on to give the musician a sense of style, but this is not true. Tremolos are used by the musicians to make their music come to life and really get into the listeners’ feelings. When playing the tremolo, one can use the left or the right hand.

The trill may also sound like the tremolo. However, when you listen closely with full attention, and by listening to both of them alternatively, you will be able to distinguish one from the other. The trill, like the tremolo, is also a fluttering between notes, but the trill can be just a half step or it may also be a whole step apart. The trill has three different types. It can be a trillo, a mordant, or a turn. You must also know the difference between these three when playing the trill. When you know about these three in a deeper perspective, you will easily be able to know that it is a trill that is being played and not a tremolo. The trill is symbolized by the letters “TR.” Just like the tremolo, the trill is also very wonderful to the ears. The trill is very difficult to play using the left hand. Your music will be recognized at a higher level when you have mastered the trill.

Both are a fluttering sound, but the trill can be played a half step.
The tremolo is symbolized by a slash while the trill is symbolized by “TR.”
The tremolo accentuates the music; the trill makes your music better.
The tremolo can be played by the left or the right hand while the trill is hard to play using the left hand.
The tremolo is sometimes mistaken as an add-on; the trill makes your music great.

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