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Difference Between Diamond and Graphite

Diamond vs Graphite

The Earth has so many different kinds of minerals. The most interesting minerals among them all are graphite and the diamond. When considering their chemical attributes, they are both made up of carbon. Their chemistry is one of the most important similarities that they have. Not only that, both of these minerals are mined for industrial purposes and can be reproduced artificially. Both of these minerals are highly solid and have a high melting point making both of them very difficult to burn. Even though both of these minerals are chemically the same in composition, they are different in physical form and in other aspects. These kinds of minerals with these kinds of characteristics are called polymorphs. This means their chemical compositions are the same but other aspects in their characteristics are not.

Just by merely looking at them, you can immediately and easily see the differences. You don’t need to be an expert to spot the whatnot of the two. They are very different to the point that you will never notice that both of them actually have the same chemical components. One of the most common measurements used in identifying their differences is the Mohs Hardness Scale. The Mohs Hardness Scale is used in determining the hardness of the minerals. The hardness is measured in a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the softest and 10 being the hardest. Read on to know more.

The appearance of graphite, to begin with, is more metallic and opaque. Graphite is industrially used as pencil charcoal. In the Mohs scale, graphite only has a hardness of 1 to 2 on the Mohs scale. Meaning, graphite fell into the weak metal category. However, graphite can conduct electricity because it is bonded with three other carbons enabling it to freely move around carrying charges. The atoms in graphite are not intact.

Diamonds, on the other hand, are used as valuable properties for people. These minerals are noticeably transparent and brilliant. In the Mohs scale, diamonds have a hardness of 10 making it the indisputable hardest mineral in the world. The atoms in a diamond are bonded together strongly, and this is the precise reason why it has become the hardest among everything else.

The similarity of both a diamond and graphite can’t easily be noticed because it is more on the chemical aspect. The differences that you will be noticing between the two are not simple differences but are obvious, significant differences. Just remember that when you see a dull-looking object called a pencil, that is graphite. If you see a sparkling thing that seems to have cost a hundred to a million dollars, that must be a diamond.


1.Graphite is more metallic and opaque while diamonds are noticeably transparent and brilliant.

2.The diamond is the hardest mineral; it has a 10 rating in the Mohs scale while graphite scored a 1 to 2 according to the Mohs Hardness Scale.

3.Graphite can be used as pencil charcoal while the diamond can be used as very valuable property.

4.Electrons in the diamond can’t roam freely making it very hard. The electrons in the graphite, on the other hand, can just wander around the mineral.

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