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Difference Between Sony’s Music Unlimited and Amazon’s Cloud Player

Sony’s Music Unlimited vs Amazon’s Cloud Player

Online music services have been popping up since Apple successfully launched iTunes. Two of the more notable music services nowadays are Sony’s Music Unlimited and Amazon Cloud Player. The main difference between Sony ‘s Music Unlimited and Amazon’s Cloud Player is the concept. Basically, Sony’s Music Unlimited lets you rent music from them while Amazon’s Cloud Player sells you the music.

Of course, each service comes with associated fees. With Sony’s Music Unlimited, you pay $10 per month in order to access the service. There is no fixed fee for Amazon’s Cloud Player, but you do need to pay if you want to buy songs from Amazon. For $10 it will not get you that many songs, but your library will grow over time. If you like instant access to a huge selection of music, then Sony’s Music Unlimited is probably right for you. But if you want to create a music collection, Amazon’s Cloud Player is better for you. If you want to discontinue the service, you can download the songs from Amazon’s Cloud Player and move it to your own devices. You can’t do that with Sony’s Music Unlimited.

There is also another feature that is exclusive to Amazon’s Cloud Player. Amazon lets you upload your own music into the associated Cloud Drive service and is then accessible in Amazon’s Cloud Player. The Cloud Drive provides 5GB of free storage which can hold 1,000 or so songs. Songs that are purchased from Amazon do not take up this allocated space, so you do not have to worry about capacity.

When it comes to the devices that the two services can work with, Sony’s Music Unlimited seems to have the upper hand because it works with many Sony products like the Walkman, PSP, and even the PS3. Both services do work on computers as well as portable devices that use the iOS and Android platforms.


1.Sony’s Music Unlimited rents you the music while Amazon’s Cloud Player lets you buy songs.
2.Sony’s Music Unlimited requires a monthly fee while Amazon’s Cloud Player doesn’t.
3.Sony’s Music Unlimited lets you listen to unlimited music while you are limited with the Amazon’s Cloud Player.
4.You don’t own the music in Sony’s Music Unlimited, but you do in Amazon’s Cloud Player.
5.Sony’s Music Unlimited only streams music while Amazon’s Cloud Player lets you purchase it.
6.Sony’s Music Unlimited works with a lot of Sony products that the Amazon’s Cloud Player doesn’t.

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