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Difference Between Amazon Cloud Player and iPod Touch

Amazon Cloud Player vs iPod Touch

When it comes to portable music players, there is no name currently bigger than Apple’s iPod. There are several versions of the iPod, one of which is the iPod Touch, which foregoes the click-wheel of other models for a bigger display and touch sensitive controls. Another product is the Cloud Player from Amazon, which is a totally different concept. The iPod Touch and Cloud Player are very different as the former is an actual device while the latter is just software that you use to play music on a device. You can use the Cloud Player on your computer through a browser or on your Android phone via an app, etc.

Since the iPod Touch is a separate device, you need to buy it to have one. At a cost of over $200, it is a significant purchase for some people. In contrast, the Cloud Player is absolutely free since it is basically just a freebie from Amazon that serves to promote their Cloud Drive service.

The Cloud Drive service is an online storage solution where you can store your music along with any songs you’ve purchased from the Amazon MP3 store. You can then play these songs on any device via the Amazon Cloud Player. With the iPod Touch, there is the Apple iTunes store. You can buy the music there and then sync the music to your iPod Touch.

The major downside to using the Cloud Player is its reliance on the internet. You need to be connected in order to listen to your songs. This is not a problem if you are at home but can be troublesome if you are going jogging or doing outdoor activities. The iPod Touch does not need to be connected to the internet to function as the songs are located within its memory. Of course, you can download the songs to your device before going out, but that is basically replicating the iPod Touch. In these scenarios, the iPod Touch is simply better.


The iPod Touch is hardware music player while the Cloud Player is just software
The Cloud Player is totally free while the iPod Touch is not
The iPod Touch is synced with Apple’s iTunes while the Cloud Player syncs with Amazon MP3
The Cloud Player needs an internet connection while the iPod Touch doesn’t

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