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Cleanser vs Scrub

Beautification nowadays is a trend for people of any age especially among women. Looks do matter for everyone as much as attitude does. When speaking of beauty, we refer mostly to our skin. A beautiful skin reflects a healthy and pretty person. The beauty in ourselves is marred easily on our faces. With this concern, proper care for our faces is essential to make us look younger, healthier, and attractive.

Cleansers and scrubs are used in cleaning and clearing our skin. A cleanser is a manufactured product used to cleanse or purify something. A popular type of cleanser is the one that is used on the face, a facial cleanser. A facial cleanser cleanses the skin by removing dirt and oils that are glued to our face when we go outside our house. This is dirt that we get from our environment; dust, fumes, and the like. Cleansers and scrubs unclog pores that cause acne. This can be used every day, after bathing and before sleeping, or depending upon one’s preferences.

A facial cleanser is preferred over other cleansers like soap due to many reasons.

Facial cleansers have the same pH that is suitable for the face—pH 5.5, while bar soap contains a high pH. This means the bar soap can alter the skin’s pH thus giving way for bacterial growth.

Bar soaps, or other cleansers except facial cleansers, contain thickeners that can clog the skin’s pores. This clogging can cause acne.

Using bar soaps can remove the face’s natural oils that serve as barriers and natural moisturizers. To compensate, the sebaceous glands on the face produce more oil, or seborrhea, causing clogged pores leading to acne.

A face scrub, on the other hand, contains tiny granules which removes dead skin cells. They are rough on the face, as the name “scrub” implies, thus, not gentle on the skin. The skin on the face is delicate. That is why it needs special treatment. It is important to use facial scrubs rather than generic exfoliating scrubs because most of it is harsh on the face. This needs not to be done daily as it can irritate the skin. Scrubs open pores which will not be good for our face as this can attract or gather more dirt.

Scrubs are used to remove dead skin cells on the face. When this is done, our skin looks younger and feels lighter. Dead skin cells can cause skin dullness. It makes us look older than our age. With regular use of facial scrubs, the skin becomes smooth and glowing, exposing new skin. But this can also irritate the skin because it has fragments of granules that are rough on skin. Frequent use of this also dries the skin. That is why some facial scrubs are sold with moisturizers to prevent skin dryness.

To sum it up, here are the differences between cleansers and scrubs:

Cleansers wash your face more gently than scrubs do.

Cleansers remove dirt and oil from the face while scrubs remove dead skin cells as well.

A cleanser is used regularly while scrubs need not to be used frequently.


1.Cleansers and scrubs are the same. They are used in cleaning the skin.

2.Cleansers need to be used regularly to maintain the hygiene of the body.

3.Cleansers are gentle on skin; scrubs are rough on skin.

4.Scrubs remove dead skin cells.

5.Scrubs provide a blooming, younger skin appearance.

6.Scrubs are not used often.

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