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Difference Between Moisturizer and Lotion

Moisturizer vs Lotion

In general, people do not know the difference between moisturizers and lotions. They are both used to help the skin heal and rejuvenate. They may have added ingredients for reducing the appearance of wrinkles, some might be for acne, and others might be for blemishes and scars or marks. The differences in the usage of moisturizers and lotions is not clear to people because both have the basic target of treating the skin, repairing it, hydrating it, regenerating it, rejuvenating, and making the skin smooth and soft. Some people call the liquid forms of these creams as lotions and the creamier form as moisturizers. They have different ingredients in different proportions and are used sometimes for different effects on the skin than the others. They have different consistencies and different thicknesses.

One must give thought to the effects required by the lotion or moisturizer to the skin. The choice of lotion or moisturizer should be made according to the results that will be obtained by using them. Lotions usually are a type of cream which has a lighter consistency than a moisturizer. It has a base which is very high in water and low in oil content. They are usually designed for body use rather than facial use. As it is lighter and does not clog pores, it is recommended for people with acne. Some lotions are specially formulated for people with acne to reduce the hydration and oil content of the skin. Lotions are used for the body as well as for the face and are used for reducing acne, protecting from sun damage by adding UV protection ingredients. There are also certain lotions which are used for tanning and have ingredients which help in increasing the process of tanning and some which give a certain color to the skin by artificial tanning. Lotions may be medicated also with vitamins and minerals in them.

Moisturizers, on the other hand, have a thicker consistency than lotions. They are specially designed to hydrate the skin. People who have dry skin go for heavier moisturizers to hydrate their skin more. Moisturizers are formulated mainly to give the skin more oil. Their main base is oil and water. They are usually used for the face and have ingredients which improve and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, marks of earlier acne, etc. For people who have dry skin, some certain medicated moisturizers are also available which have ingredients which improve the dryness immensely.


1.Lotions have a higher water base; moisturizers have a higher oil base.
2.Lotions are of thinner consistency; moisturizers are of thicker consistency.
3.Lotions are usually made for the body; moisturizers are usually made for the face.
4.Some special lotions can reduce hydration from the skin; moisturizers are usually for hydrating skin.

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