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Difference Between Transfer Paper for Light Shirts and Dark Shirts

Transfer Paper for Light Shirts vs Dark Shirts

You may have wondered how designers and shirt manufacturers manage to place those intricate design prints on shirts and other garments. It’s not actually that hard as long as you are using the right kind of material and you have the skill to do so. For transferring artwork or graphics on the cloth surface, you need to use a special type of transfer paper and not just any kind of paper. The paper to be used varies depending on the type or color of clothing it would be printed on.

For light or white-colored shirts, you need to make use of the transfer paper for light fabrics. These sheets are transparent. Before you print the design, you first need to know about creating mirroring images or designs. You can achieve such by using a particular software to create the mirror image, or you can simply overturn the printer setup so that it can produce such. Sublimation, laser color prints, and Inkjet transfer paper sheets are popularly used for these kinds of transfers. Take note, the part of the paper which has no color will appear clear.

For dark-colored shirts, transfer paper for dark fabric is the ideal sheet to be used. This paper looks whitish. You can immediately place the design or image on this paper and print it directly without mirroring. The part of the sheet that does not bear colors appears as plain white when transferred to the fabric. Moreover, a Teflon coating is laid on the transfer paper which will eventually melt away once the design is heated.

One must observe the use of the right kind of transfer paper when dealing with different types of clothing or fabrics. Using white transfer paper for white-colored fabric may end up like a mess because the white shade of the paper may not be as white as compared to the white shade of the shirt. Similarly, using transparent paper for dark-colored fabric may compromise the natural color of the dark color when the uncolored clear portions of the transparent paper are reflected on the shirt.


1.Transfer paper for light shirts is printed by first mirroring the image or design.
2.Transfer paper for dark shirts can be printed directly without the mirroring process.
3.Transfer paper for light shirts is transparent whereas transfer paper for dark shirts is whitish in color.
4.Sublimation transfer sheets can be used for light shirt printing, not for dark shirts.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your ideas! Pls Can I print on these two papers directly from a home printer?

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