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Difference Between Me Too and Time’s Up

With the recent waves surrounding the issue of sexual harassment, many groups have sprouted out with different stands. Such groups, formed based on different ideologies, include the MeToo and Time’sUp groups.

The two have upended the public discussion regarding sexual harassment issues across the globe within a short while. They have also elevated a global consciousness surrounding the daily obstacles that women face, both in their personal and professional levels.

Even though the two groups overlap, they have distinct features between them that are different. The differences are hugely based on their formation as well as the movements that fueled their formation. Here is a quick peek on each of the groups and some of the differences we could gather.


What is the Me Too Movement?

Me Too is an international movement with many local as well as international alternatives that operates on the basis of fighting sexual harassment and sexual assault against women. The group first came into the limelight in October 2017 when the hashtag #MeToo went viral on social media. The hashtag was brought forward in an attempt to show and demonstrate the widespread prevalence of sexual harassment and sexual assault, especially in workplaces.

The hashtag was born after the widely spread sexual misconduct allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. It was not a big phenomenon when the American social activist and community organizer, Tarana Burke started using the phrase “Me Too” early in 2006. The phrase was, however, to be later popularized by Alyssa Milano, an American actress to encourage victims of sexual harassment to come out and tweet about it with their stories.


What is the Time’s Up Movement?

The Time’s Up revolution was formed on January 1st, 2018 as a movement against sexual harassment. It was an idea born by Hollywood celebrities who reacted to the Weinstein effect created by the #MeToo hashtag. The movement had as of February 2018 raised over $20 million for its legal representation and defense fund. It had also gathered over 200 volunteers.

Initiatives Behind the Time’s Up Movement

When it was being founded, the following initiatives were announced:

  • A legal defense fund of $13 million that will be administered by the National Women’s Law Center. The fund is to be used to support any lower-income woman who is seeking justice against sexual assault or harassment in her workplace.
  • Advocating for laws to punish any company that will tolerate persistent harassment to its female workers.
  • A movement towards gender parity in both studios and talent agencies.
  • A call for women on the red carpet during the 75th Golden Globe Awards to be dressed in black and to speak out about and against sexual assault and harassment.


Possible Similarities Between the Me Too and Times Up Groups

Both groups stand for justice and protection against sexual harassment and sexual assault at workplaces.


Differences Between the MeToo and TimesUp groups

While the two groups share the same goals regarding empowering women and fighting against sexual assault and harassment, they have distinct differences. Their variances are based on their overall goals and other factors.

  1. Meaning of  MeToo and TimesUp

The Me Too group is an international activists’ group with local and international alternatives seeking to fight sexual harassment and sexual assault, mostly against women. The Time’s Up movement, on the other hand, is a movement against sexual harassment and assault at workplaces.

  1. Origin of  MeToo and TimesUp

The Me Too movement was born around 2006 when an American social activist and community organizer, Tarana Burke, began using it to fight against sexual assault and harassment against women. The Time’s Up movement on its side was formed in 2018 as a movement against sexual harassment.

  1. Premise

The Time’s Up movement is based on the premise that everyone deserves to earn a living, take care of themselves and their families, and live freely without impediments of sexual harassment and assault or discrimination. The Me Too movement, on the other hand, operates on the tenets of protecting every woman from sexual assaults and sexual harassment, where they are.

Also, Time’s Up is specifically focused on workplace issues like safety, equity, and fairness while Me Too is more focused on a campaign touching on all kinds of sexual assault against women.

  1. Composition

The Me Too movement is what would be called a virtual worldwide group as it is already a worldwide phenomenon although there are several notable figures at the helm. The Time’s Up movement is made up of over 300 women in Hollywood, mostly high-ranking women being on the reign.

Me Too Vs. Time’s Up: Comparison Table


Summary of  MeToo Vs. TimesUp

The two groups are a great phenomenon that has gained popularity across the group within no time. Even though they both push for almost similar things, they each have distinct fears separate from each other. They were also formed based on different tenets on which they operate on too.


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  2. Nonsense. The pink hags that have aged-out saw an unattractive brown hag over #meToo, they realize things will not work to their absolute favor with her movement, so they formed #timesup to get to that end. It has nothing to do with helping poor women. Poor women do not have money so are irrelevant.

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