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Difference Between Hyundai Tiburon and Tuscani

Hyundai Tiburon vs Tuscani

There is a lot of buzz about the Hyundai Tuscani with many Tiburon users wanting to change their vehicles into Tuscanis. Actually, there is really no difference between the Tiburon and the Tuscani as they are the same vehicle but with different names. It is more widely known as the Tiburon but was named the Tuscani in Canada and in Korea.

The only consistent difference between the Tiburon and the Tuscani is the badge or emblem located at the front of the car. The Tiburon carries Hyundai’s stylized “H” logo just like most other Hyundai vehicles. In comparison, the Tuscani has a stylized “T” overlaid on top of grey and black stripes and inscribed in a silver or chrome circle. If you are looking for any significant difference, there is really none as both vehicles have the same engines and pretty close to identical styling. To change their Tiburons into Tuscanis, many people just look for the Tuscani emblem and swap it with the Hyundai emblem on their Tiburon.

Hyundai has developed a reputation for creating budget cars that offer excellent bang for the proverbial buck but don’t really do much for those looking into a sportier and more exciting vehicle. This is what many perceived the Tuscani to be, an improved version of the commonplace Tiburon. Even though there is no significant differences between the two vehicles that would make one better than the other, a lot of people still want to have their Tiburons known as Tuscanis; at the very least just to lose the Hyundai emblem.

This phenomenon has been increasing over the years that even Hyundai has taken notice and may take advantage of it. There are rumors that Hyundai would soon branch out the Tuscani into a sporty model that would have several improvements over its Tiburon counterpart. Hyundai hopes that this will reduce its budget-friendly reputation and help it gain traction in the more upscale market.


1.The Tiburon is the main product while the Tuscani is just a different name for the Tiburon used in some markets.
2.It is known as the Tuscani in Canada and Korea and Tiburon everywhere else.
3.The Tuscani has a different badge emblem from the Tiburon.

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