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  1. Miguel
    November 10, 2012

    There is lots of incorrect info in this post.

    Firstly, The RB25 NEO has the same factory quoted power output as the RB26(206KW). The Neo also uses a completely redesigned cylinder head, RB26 rods and new pistons and has Solid lifters like the 26.

    The RB26 was produced from 1989 till it ceased production in 2002, you’re half right there. However there was more than twice as many R32 GTR’s produced than there was R33 GTR’s and more than 3 times as many 32R’s as there were 34R’s meaning the RB26 was primarily used and produced between 1989 and 1994.

    Moving back to 25’s for a moment, whilst there is 25DE, DET and NEO variants There’s more to it than that.

    Late model R32’s had the first RB25’s which were non turbo(DE) did not have VCT(Variable Cam Timing) following on from that was the Early model R33 RB25DE and DET which bought along VCT and a few other minor changes. The Late model R33 RB25’s removed the standalone igniter and had individual igniters built into each coilpack instead. The turbo variants also had a slightly revised turbocharger which had a Nylon compressor wheel instead of metal like the earlier models, this is said to aid the turbo in spooling resulting in a slightly more responsive setup. The NEO some of which I have already outlined above also bought to the table twin throttle bodies for the Non Turbo models and a slightly larger turbine housing for the Turbo variants.

    Your statement “The RB 26 engine has the power to produce 1400 horse power.” makes absolutely no sense and in standard form the engine is nowhere near strong enough to handle anywhere near this kind of power. The RB25 can also be built to withstand similar levels.

    I could go on…


  2. nino
    August 13, 2019



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