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Difference Between Android CyanogenMod 6 and the CyanogenMod 7

Android CyanogenMod 6 vs the CyanogenMod 7

CyanogenMod is a replacement firmware for smartphones that are running the Android operating system. It basically gives total control of the phone over to the user and circumventing limitations set by the phone’s manufacturer or carrier. CyanogenMod 7 is the latest version, and it succeeds the older version 6. The main difference between the two versions of CyanogenMod is the core upon which the builds are based from. CyanogenMod 6 is based on the older Éclair, or Android 2.1, while CyanogenMod 7 uses Gingerbread, Android 2.3, which is the latest Android for smartphones.

That in itself is such a major difference as Gingerbread has many features that you would not find in Éclair and Froyo. The list is quite long so it’s best that you find out the differences between Gingerbread and Éclair. Although it is possible that CyanogenMod 6 may have features that are not available on the stock Éclair, these are not native to the core, and some improvements will still be gained in updating to CyanogenMod 7.

Aside from the many fixes to improve the performance, there are also minor aesthetic changes to CyanogenMod 7; one of which is the starting animation. The starting animation is the first thing you see after you turn your phone on. This doesn’t affect performance and is basically just eye candy. Some people like the older animation, though so it’s just a matter of taste.

Lastly, since Gingerbread is quite new, development of CyanogenMod 7 is also in its early stages; mainly because the development of CyanogenMod 7 can only start after the release of Gingerbread. As a consequence, there is still no stable release of CyanogenMod 7, and the ones available right now are release candidates. It is probably that users would still encounter many errors, erratic behavior, or unexpected results when using CyanogenMod 7; although the problems are being addressed on a daily basis. If you want a stable, more consistent experience, CyanogenMod 6 is still your best bet. Development on it has stopped in favor of CyanogenMod 7, but you can still get the latest stable release to tide you over until the developers figure out the kinks in CyanogenMod 7.


1.CyanogenMod 7 is based on Gingerbread while CyanogenMod 6 is based on Éclair.
2.CyanogenMod 7 features a different start-up animation than CyanogenMod 6.
3.There is no stable version of CyanogenMod 7 but there is for CynogenMod 6.

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