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Difference Between LG Thrill 4G and HTC Evo 3D

LG Thrill 4G vs HTC Evo 3D

The Thrill 4G from LG and Evo 3D from Samsung are two very similar phones that emphasize the very same feature. They are almost identical to each other, sporting the same sized screen albeit the difference in resolution, and are roughly of the same size and weight. The main difference between the Thrill 4G and Evo 3D is under the hood. While the Thrill 4G sports a 1 Ghz dual-core processor, the Evo 3D dual-core processor is a bit faster. Running at clock speeds of 1.2 Ghz per core.

Speed is very important in these smart phones as just like with computers, there is now a race between the speed of the device and the apps that can take advantage of that speed. Given that it is not uncommon for many people to have more than one app running at a time, more processing power directly correlate to a smoother experience.

The difference in performance is widened further by the smaller amount of memory installed in the Thrill 4G. It only has 512MB of RAM compared to the 1GB on the Evo 3D. RAM is very important as it is needed by applications to hold its data while they are running. RAM can become the bottleneck if you are running multiple apps that use up a lot of memory, like games.

The dual cameras, which are capable of capturing 3D photos and videos, are the focal points of both phones. Both are quite even with 5MP sensors and virtually identical video recording capabilities. But even in this aspect, the Evo 3D manages to gain a very marginal advantage. This is in the form of two LED flashes. The Thrill 4G only has a single LED flash, that is capable of producing a small amount of light. The dual LED flashes of the Evo 3D provides ample light to take photos even in very dark environments.

The only positive side of the Thrill 4G is that it has 8GB of internal memory. Not really a whole lot but a whole lot more when you compare it to the 1GB capacity of the Evo 3D. When most of the smartphones are packing 16 or even 32GB of memory, there is really no logic to slapping a paltry gigabyte to a phone meant to capture a lot of stills and videos.


1.The Evo 3D has a faster processor than the Thrill 4G
2.The Evo 3D has more RAM than the Thrill 4G
3.The Evo 3D has two LED flashes while the Thrill 4G only has one
4.The Thrill 4G has more internal memory than the Evo 3D

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