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Difference Between Race and Nationality

Race vs Nationality

People often try to combine together “race” and “nationality,” but the fact is that they are two different terms that do not match in any way.

While race refers to people who believe that a particular race is superior to all other races, “nationality” means the belief in belonging to a particular nation. When “race” pertains to people, “nationality” pertains to the nation.

When race can be defined by the bloodline, nationality is defined on the basis of borders, culture, tradition, culture, and language. When comparing the two, “nationality” has a broader meaning. On the contrary, persons who value race are only narrow-minded.

Nationality pertains to a person’s region of birth or origin. Nationality is also defined as the relation of a person with his state of origin. Nationality gives a person protection of the nation where he or she was born. On the other hand, race does not ensure any protection of the state.

Though people believing in race share a common genealogy, most races are seen to share multiple genealogies. Race is mainly determined by the color of the skin; race just says if you are white, black, or brown.

In “nationality,” all races are equal. There is no difference in race when talking of a nationality. It is just the thought of one nation that prevails. But in “race,” it is just the thought of a particular race that the person belongs to overrides all other things.

In “race,” people share the same color, thoughts, culture, and tradition. But when it comes to “nationality,” it is not that the traits of a particular race dominate, but it pertains to a common culture, tradition, and other aspects.

Nationalists take pride in one’s nation whereas the racists would prejudice someone based on their race.


1.While “race” refers to people who believe that a particular race is superior to all other races, “nationality” means the belief in belonging to a particular nation.
2.When race can be defined by the bloodline, nationality is defined on the basis of borders, culture, tradition, culture, and language.
3.“Nationality” has a broader meaning. On the contrary, persons who value race are only narrow-minded.
4.“Nationality” pertains to a person’s region of birth or origin. “Race” is mainly determined by the color of the skin; race just says if you are white, black, or brown.
5.Nationalists take pride in one’s nation whereas the racists would prejudice someone based on their race.

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  1. I take exception to your statement ‘“race” refers to people who believe that a particular race is superior to all other races.’ What is your basis or rational for this statement? Your statement implies that anyone who refers to “race” believes their race is better than all the others. I do not feel that my “race” is better than anyone else’s. I have friends of different races than me and they do not believe their “race” is better than mine. Merriam-Webster.com’s definition “a category of humankind that shares certain distinctive physical traits” does not state or imply that any one race is better than others.

    • Hi Ron,
      I just read your remark to “DifferenceBetween.net” relating to a definition.. difference between Race and Nationality. You were trying to correct them because they defined Race as a word one uses in regards to “Superiority.”
      Thank you for your comment. I was trying to find a way to comment in order to say exactly what you did.
      This is a mixed-up world and intelligence is taking a back seat to confusion, hurt and hatred.
      I will sign off of this site and not use it again. There’s no telling what kind of people they have on staff. Whoever they are, they need to get off of a website for people who seek intelligence and truth and go join a hate group, or… put they’re stupidity aside and get educated. (like.. read a dictionary)
      Have a nice day, and thank you for being pro-active!


    • Hi Ron! I see where you are going with your reply. I feel the same way you do about race, but unfortunately a large chunk of the world feels race is about superiority. That is what this country was founded on, again unfortunately. Isn’t it funny that when no wars are on the horizon that race is a big issue. Then when there is a war it is all about “Nationality”? At that point everyone is an American or US citizen with the close caption statement of “no matter what race you are”. Maybe that is what the author is referring to.

    • Of course. From a perspective of a white man his race is better. From a perspective of a black man, it’s his race that’s better. Who’s right? The answer is : none and both. From an objective point of view no race is better – the differences in IQ, and other traits are just too minor and not shared by all the populations. These are only statistics, can be altered by eugenics anyway, plus maybe soon by genetic modifications. Both are right though – for the white man his race is better, for the black man his race is better. Just like my family is better to me than your family would be. Meanwhile my family means nothing to you. The same mechanism, in other scale. All this world is about blood relations, heritage, and survival of the gene pool. It is a truth older than humans, and shared by all the living beings. What makes people think, that they may escape the law od nature, due to some temporary ideologies? Some men believe in (i am sorry to say that) unscientific mumbo jumbo to just make everyone think ‘oh I am not a racist’. Racism is unscientific, yes, we lack evidence, and the bias is on both sides lf the point of view spectrum. Though, humans will always instinctively identify with the biological traits, not spiritual values. Amen

  2. No. This is incorrect information.

  3. Race does refer to color, white, black or brown. Nationality refers to enthnicity. I.e., a person of Mexican descent is white and hispanic; white referring to the race and hispanic referring to nationality. A person could be black and British, Australian, etc.

    There is nothing superior about either race or nationality!!!

    • Your comment is very inaccurate towards the fact that you think nationality is an ethnicity. For example, Latino is an ethnicity resulting in people of Latin America which includes Mexicans, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Haitians, Brazilians, etc.

    • This is correct. You could be ” African” and be a white individual.

    • Well well well, how fast does the denotational meaning of words change. 100 years was enough to alter the whole definitions of English words. Almost upside down in service of the new ideology. And how fast the new connotations arise. It is unbelievable trait of human languages. Exciting. As a man of older date, I consider myself still having right to use the original meaning of words race and nationality. And as a man of older date, other times – I must disagree with your point of view. In my oppinion your definitions of words are to be quite temporary on thr timeline of humanity. The ideologies come and go. Almost yesterday men believed in things, which now are criminalized. Tomorrow your ideas will be considered morally evil. Everything changes, only the law of nature is eternal.

    • Indeed, nothing superior. Why emphasizing the nowadays obvious statement? Is it like a keyword, or maybe sort of mantra? Yes, of course there is no superior race, or nationality. Just like the eagle is not superior to a hawk. Both have their place in the ecosystem. In these terms all life is equally precious. And all life is related. Plus human races are not very much different. 3% to 16% differences in average IQ levels (statistics might be misleading, cause it only means that there is 3 – 16 percent more men of certain score in one race than another. Still there are millions men of low iq in one, and high iq in the same, etc. You know what I mean. I apologize for my English – my primary language is Russian, and when I was at your age, we had no time to learn languages, nor was it so much allowed in my Fatherland). All the racial traits can be eugenically altered, so even if now there are some IQ differences – they might possibly disappear in the future. So why do you emphasize that? Or do you mean the superiority of race or nationality in general, as a term or idea? In general race is primary, as it is biological. Nationality changes faster and sooner or later, it is forgotten. Do you even remember the language of the people, who lived in your country 10.000 years ago? Or 100.000 years ago?

  4. Very interesting. Why use the word race at all. Race has a different meaning. To get ahead and stay ahead. When the Germans classified humans, why did they use such a word. What is racism? Hate one group and keep them oppressed. People need to speak the truth. The human race. An intelligent group of beings supporting each other’s political agendas and ambitions. Who has the authority to classify as such? Who ever is in charge. Such a classification will promote ONE Race over another. The most hated race of all ancient times and of this current time is the Negros, who were stripped of their true identity. No, they are not of Ham. Then who are they, defined as having specific features as John in the book of Revelations describing Jesus [YAHUSHUA] as such. What do we believe? Why we believe and How we believe. Again it’s the Truth in Christ that will set you free from all other. What was, What is and What is to come will determined our existence.

  5. Nationalisty is spiritual building on a foundation of biological race. Whereas race might survive tens thousands of years, the nationalities and languages, cultures and religions pass. Therefore the race is a primary value, the nationality is secondary. And all the humans instinctively perceive it in this primordial, biological way, that has been deeply determined by our evolutionary will to survival – survival of the closest genes tl our own pool. Amen

  6. Actually it was the nationality, not race, that caused millions of men to fight and kill millions of men. There are almost no differences between Russians and Germans. Only slight, minor differences can be found. If I see one Russian man and one German man, I see no difference. When I see 15 Russians and 15 Germans, I see which groul is which. But still both are of a very close races – Slavonic Indoeuropeans and Germanic Indoeuropeans. And it was ideology, spiritual term, that brought us to tanks and bombs. Of course, blood and instincts were the root of this action. But the direct trigger was nationality, with all it’s baggage of traditions and ways of thinking. Plus normally nationality means a grouo of people of the same blood, who speak the same language, occupy the same territory, and share cultural heritage. ALL OF THR ABOVE. So Black American is a different nationality, White American is another one, Asian American another one. And traditionally there is no such thing as Black Russian, as there are no White Nigerians or White Chinese. When I was a boy it was this way, so forgive the old man, that he wishes to stick to his times. Forgive me, cause soon the history will hit the border of the circle, and as usually since the beginning of history will start repeating.

  7. What does feeling have to do with race? Just because someone may feel superior because of his/her race, that still doesn’t define the word race. Funny, I was just watching a documentary on Amazon called White Lie.

  8. Slavic you be hitting it fear on but dude was right Jesus (yashshua) is the way .and father Yah-weh is supreme and the most high true and living force Almighty God . TGBTG !

  9. Father Yahweh is the most high supreme true and living supreme one and only God and yah-shua is his word the way and his only begotten son who in the beginning was with was and is God . We all are like filthy rags to the great I am.

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