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Difference Between Motorola Atrix 4G and Apple iPhone 4

Motorola Atrix 4G vs Apple iPhone 4

When it comes to smartphones, full touch displays seem to be the most popular. This popularity was basically started by the iPhone. Now in its fourth version, there are now a number of smartphones with the same basic shape. One of these phones is the Atrix 4G from Motorola. One of the differences between the Atrix 4G and the iPhone 4 is the size of the screen. While the iPhone 4 only has a 3.5-inch screen, the Atrix 4G ups this to 4 inches. Despite having a larger display, the Atrix 4G is not that much bigger and thicker than the iPhone 4.

A more important, but less apparent, difference between the Atrix 4G and the iPhone 4 is the processor powering the device. The Atrix 4G is powered by a dual core processor while the iPhone 4 features a 1GHz single core processor that is underclocked down to 800Mhz. This is quite important when you consider the operating systems that they use.

The Atrix 4G uses Android, and the extra processing power can come in very handy because Android implements true multitasking. With the iOS of the iPhone 4, multitasking is limited to a select few apps. If you want to switch apps, the current one is paused and not allowed to run in the background. Apple’s rationale behind this is to avoid bogging down the CPU with many open apps to prevent the premature draining of the battery as the CPU would consume a lot more power when it is under a heavy load.

The cameras of the Atrix 4G are close to identical with that of the iPhone 4. The only difference between them is the ability to record 1080p video. The Atrix 4G is capable of doing so but the iPhone 4 can only do 720p. This is again related to the lower processing capacity of the iPhone 4 processor.

Lastly, there is a slight difference when it comes to storage capacity. The iPhone 4 comes in 2 models with 16GB and 32GB memory capacities. The Atrix 4G only comes in a 16GB model but provides a memory card slot so that the user has the freedom to expand the storage capacity when he needs to.


1.The Atrix 4G has a larger screen than the iPhone 4.
2.The Atrix 4G has a dual-core processor while the iPhone 4 has a single-core processor.
3.The Atrix 4G runs on Android while the iPhone 4 runs on iOS.
4.The Atrix 4G has a memory card slot while the iPhone 4 doesn’t.

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