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Difference Between Motorola Pro and Samsung Galaxy S II

Motorola Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S II

The Motorola Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S II are both Android phones. Each just has a different form that serves a specific purpose. The Motorola Pro has a QWERTY keyboard which can greatly enhance the typing speed and is very advantageous for those who constantly type long emails on their phones. The downside of the keyboard is that it takes up space. To minimize the size difference (the Pro is slightly heavier and bigger than the Galaxy S II), the size of the screen is sacrificed. Compared to the 4.3-inch screen of the Galaxy S II, the 3.1-inch screen of the Motorola Pro is just downright puny.

The Motorola Pro is also quite behind in terms of processing power. While the Galaxy S II has a dual core processor, the Pro still has a single core processor. The Motorola Pro is still very snappy with the majority of the apps, but the Galaxy S II surely has a leg up especially when running multiple applications at the same time.

The Galaxy S II also features better cameras than the Motorola Pro. For starters, the Pro doesn’t have a secondary camera so video calls are not possible with the Pro. The Galaxy S II not only has a secondary camera, its main camera also has a higher 8-megapixel resolution to the Pro’s 5-megapixel camera. The Galaxy S II is capable of 1080p video recording which is the highest resolution employed by current HDTVs. In comparison, the Motorola Pro is only capable of SD resolution at 480p.

Although storage is not a problem for both devices as they both have microSD memory card slots, it is worth noting that the Galaxy S II comes with more internal memory than the Motorola Pro. You can get the Galaxy S II in 16GB or 32GB models while the Pro only comes with 8GB.


1.The Motorola Pro has a QWERTY keyboard while the Galaxy S II doesn’t.
2.The Motorola Pro is slightly bigger and heavier than the Galaxy S II.
3.The Galaxy S II has a bigger screen than the Motorola Pro.
4.The Galaxy S II has a dual core processor while the Motorola Pro still uses a single core processor.
5.The Galaxy S II has better cameras than the Motorola Pro.
6.The Galaxy S II has more internal memory than the Motorola Pro.

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