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Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy S Plus

Samsung Galaxy S vs Galaxy S Plus

The Galaxy series of Smartphones and tablets has been the biggest hit that Samsung has had. Because of this, Samsung is in a wild dash to get as many Galaxy variants in the market. Two of the closely related Galaxy devices are the Galaxy S and Galaxy S Plus. The main difference between the Galaxy S and Galaxy S Plus is the chipset that they use. While the Galaxy S uses the Hummingbird chipset created by Samsung, the Galaxy S Plus uses the Snapdragon chipset created by Qualcomm. The Snapdragon chipset is more common in HTC Smartphones.

The use of the Snapdragon chipset shouldn’t have made that much of a difference. But aside from being different, the Snapdragon chipset of the Galaxy S Plus is also clocked a whole lot higher than the Hummingbird chipset of the Galaxy S,and even other Smartphones. At a clock speed of 1.4 GHz, the Galaxy S Plus is much faster than the 1GHz clock speed of the Galaxy S. This gives users an alternative to Smartphones that are equipped with dual core processors. Dual cores may perform better for multitasking, but a higher clock speed is still better when it comes to a single app.

The downside of a higher clock speed is it consumes more power. This can easily result in a dead phone in a matter of a few hours if your battery is not big enough to support it. That’s why Samsung decided to include a 10% bigger battery in the Galaxy S Plus. The slight increase in battery power should give the Galaxy S Plus longer life under ordinary usage as the CPUs would mostly be on idle. But under heavy usage, where the Galaxy S Plus would flex its muscles, it still lasts less in time than the Galaxy S with its smaller battery.

Aside from those two differences, the Galaxy S and Galaxy S Plus are literally identical in all aspects. The two are of the same size, and there is no easy way to identify one from the other just by looking at it. It is more amazing how Samsung kept the weights identical given that the Galaxy S Plus has a bigger battery.


1.The Galaxy S uses the Hummingbird chipset while the Galaxy S Plus uses the Snapdragon chipset.
2.The Galaxy S Plus is clocked much higher than the Galaxy S.
3.The Galaxy S Plus has a bigger battery than the Galaxy S.

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