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Difference Between Celsius and Fahrenheit

Celsius vs. Fahrenheit
Fahrenheit and Celsius are two common ways to measure temperature. There is a 32°C difference between both systems, or equally, one degree in Fahrenheit is equivalent to only 5/9 degrees of Celsius . Both were developed by different scientists, and Fahrenheit is now only used in the United States. The freezing and boiling points of both are noted at different numerical temperatures.
The Celsius temperature scale was named after astronomer Anders Celsius in the mid 1700s. Celsius temperatures are noted by adding a capital C at the end of the measurement, indicating the unit of temperature measurement being used. The scale originated around the idea that water freezes at 0° C and boiling occurs at 100°C. Celsius is the (almost) universally accepted temperature measurement scale in the world today and the only time Celsius is not used is when another scale known as the Kelvin system is used for scientific purposes. Because Celsius is widely accepted in most of the world, sometimes measurements are just stated as a degree without the Celsius notation following the degree symbol. Older science books will also call degrees Celsius degrees Centigrade.

Fahrenheit is a temperature scale that is primarily used in the United States. When indicating a temperature that is in Fahrenheit, a capital F is placed behind the degree symbol. This temperature scale is based around the idea that the freezing temperature begins at 32° F, and anything that is less than 32°F is below freezing. The scale also defines the boiling point to be 212° F, i.e 212° F is the temperature water in a pot boils at.

The Fahrenheit system was created in 1724 by a physicist named Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit, and he created the system based on the previous work of another scientist that fixed the idea that water boils at 60° and brine at 0°. The Fahrenheit temperature system is primarily used in the United States today and was widely used throughout Europe up until the 1960s.

1. Fahrenheit and Celsius are two common temperature measurement scales. Fahrenheit is noted with a °F and Celsius with a °C.
2. Freezing point is 32°F in Fahrenheit and 0°C in Celsius, while boiling point is 212°F in Fahrenheit and 100°C in Celsius.
3. The difference between Fahrenheit and Celsius is 5/9 of a degree and the 32 degrees different in freezing points for the two temperature measurements.
4. Celsius is the more widely accepted method of measurement, Fahrenheit is only used in the United States and some of its territories. The only time Celsius is not used in other countries is when scientists use the Kelvin measurement system.

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