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Difference Between Herbicides and Pesticides

pesticide-sprayingHerbicides vs Pesticides

Nuisances. No one likes them, and everyone wants to get rid of them. These nuisances are pests, and they can be in any form of organism; they can be insects, weeds, plants, mammals, birds, fish, fungi, microorganisms, and many more. They are considered pests, because they may compete with humans for food, spread diseases, or destroy property. We use pesticides to eliminate them, in order to make our lives less troublesome.

Pesticides are generally chemicals, biological agents, antimicrobial, or disinfectants. They are designed to repel, control, attract and then terminate, pests. They are commonly, but not always, made to kill or poison their targets.

The pesticide has a broader meaning, and includes many different kinds. The classification of pesticides is often based on the type of organism they target, to control or kill. Pesticide is commonly used interchangeably with insecticide, but it is not always the case. Insecticide is merely a type of pesticide designed to specifically kill insects.

There are also types of pesticides that eliminate, or control, plants, since not all plants are desired, especially in our lawns and gardens. Dandelions and crab grass are just some of these annoying plants. To prevent them from growing, or to kill them, we may use herbicides.

Herbicides come in two types ‘“ some are selective, while others just eliminate any plant they touch. Herbicides that are general and non-selective are often used to control all types of weeds in industrial areas. They are also often used on roadways and railroad tracks to prevent unwanted plant or weed obstructions on the tracks. Conversely, selective types of herbicides are more commonly used on gardens, lawns, and golf courses, since we do not want to eradicate all the plants with strong non-selective herbicides.

Many herbicides kill plants by defoliating (process of making plants lose foliage or leaves) them. Some prevents plant growth and propagation. Farmers, gardeners, ranchers and many industries, use them to kill undesirable weeds and plants that compete with crops for root space, nutrients and water.

Herbicide is just a category of pesticide, along with fungicides, rodenticides, nematicides, and algicides. It should be known that pesticides can be toxic for humans and animals, even large ones, as well. Although designed for killing specific pests, they can also be harmful to the ones you are trying to save or treasure. Always ensure the proper implementation by following the instructions provided.


1. Pesticides encompass all kinds of chemicals, biological agents, or disinfectants that get rid of pests. Herbicides are a type of pesticide that specifically targets weeds and other unwanted plants.

2. Pesticides can be insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, rodenticides, nematicides, or algicides. Herbicides can also be further classified into types – selective or non-selective.

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