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Difference Between Kush and Weed

Kush vs Weed

Who says gardening is only for those who have a green thumb? Anyone can actually plant. And planting plants is an economical way of saving money. Instead of buying at the grocery store or in the market, you can always plant in your backyard.

You can choose from a variety of plants. You can choose ornamental plants. You can also vegetables and crops. You can also plant medicinal plants which are very effective at times of illness. You can also plant herbs, such as basil leaves and rosemary. Though there are nice plants, there can also be plants which are intended to look like trash.

The medicinal plant that I’m talking about is Kush, and the plants that are useless are weeds. Though there are weeds which are useful, most are a pain in the head when it comes to cultivating plants.
Kush is a type of weed, particularly, a cannabis weed. It came from the Middle East Asian countries, such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India. The name came from the Hindu Kush mountain range in India. It was brought to the UK and US for the implementation and usage as a medicinal cannabis. Medicinal cannabis is said to treat and prevent certain form of illnesses. Examples of these are Alzheimer’s Disease, lung cancer, COPD, breast cancer, HIV/AIDS, brain cancer, and multiple sclerosis. Cannabis has more than 600 substances including appetite enhancer, analgesia, antiemetic, and antispasmodic.
“Weed,” on the other hand is a general term for plants which are unwanted in your backyard. These plants are unwanted because they interfere and compete with other plants in terms of sunlight, water, and nutrients. Thus, expect to have a low production of crops. You can also expect an increase in costs for planting these crops. Weeds are also harmful because these unwanted plants serve as a host for pests, such as grasshoppers, mites, and insects. Examples of weeds are grass and sedges. Weeds can be found everywhere on any part of the globe.


1.Kush is a type of weed while “weed” is a general term for a type of plant.
2.Kush came from Asia while weeds can be found everywhere.
3.Kush has a therapeutic significance while most types of weeds don’t.

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  1. What’s the difference between lush and marijuana leaves that grows in Baguio region of the philippines? Can both be used for pain management of cancer ? Thanks.

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