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  1. zebang
    May 25, 2010

    this is a very useful reference for people who want to know some of the key facts about the hydraulics and pneumatics system.


    • s.jothi
      October 17, 2012

      This is the very useful for engineering & diplamo & iti studend and mechanical studend.
      thankyou for your help..


  2. Ashutosh Mohanty
    July 10, 2010

    Hello sir,
    I am Ashutosh Working as a mechaical maintenance engg. with Bhushan steel ltd.

    I want to know more about Hydraulics & Pneumatic System……

    So I kindly Request You to Send me more about that subject….
    I will be Greatful to you…

    Thanks & Regards
    Ashutosh Mohanty
    Mobile : + 91 8895129123


  3. bongs
    July 19, 2010

    thanx 4 da info. reali helped


  4. yelong to eu
    September 29, 2010

    thank you for your help. you’e genius.
    we should date sometime


  5. Sagar
    April 14, 2011

    I want some more about hydraulic and pnemautic pressures


  6. kemar
    October 25, 2013

    hi ,

    compare and comment on the use of hydraulics power to that of pneumatic power and when would you use which one and why / why not


  7. Egyption engineering
    January 10, 2015

    Hi dear 🙂
    1st thank you for every small details about that important topic 🙂
    2nd I need to post more applications and more materials about that topics

    — thank you —

    — Ahmed —


    • lloyd dudley jones
      October 5, 2015

      ahmed i am not very happy with the quality of this work and would have to disagree with your statement so do not bother messaging this thread again with such nonsense therefore go fuck yourself.


      • Bolston
        December 4, 2018

        Loyyd thats SAVAGE


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