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Mass vs Volume

Measurement is the process of discovering the quantity and temperature of an object including its length, weight, mass, and volume. It uses such units of measurement as the kelvin, second, meter, and the kilogram.
“Mass” is defined as the physical quantity that signifies the amount of matter in the body of an object or a substance. It measures the inertia of an object or substance which is the body’s resistance to changes in velocity or the force that is necessary to impel it.

The higher the velocity observed, the higher the mass. This is called inertial mass. It also measures the force that the object of substance encounters in a gravitational field which is known as gravitational mass.
It is a constant property of an object or substance which means that it does not change under any circumstances. It is represented by the symbol “m” with the gram and the kilogram as the International System of Units (SI) for small and large amounts respectively.

“Volume” is defined as the measurement of the amount or quantity of three-dimensional space that is taken up by an object or a substance and the shape that it occupies or holds. The cubic meter is its SI unit, and it is measured in cubic centimeters and liters.

The volume of solids and gas are established by the displacement of fluid or liquid while the volume of a container is measured through the amount of substance it holds as the basis rather than the space that is disturbed. The volume of different shapes is calculated using arithmetic and mathematical formulas and calculus.

Volume, therefore, is a geometric value while mass is a physical value. It is the measure of a limited amount of space and surface of a given point while mass is a measure of the amount of matter that is contained in an object or substance.
For example, the mass of water can be measured by first weighing the container then placing the water inside it and weighing it again. The weight of the container is subtracted from the weight of the container with water inside to get the mass of the water.

To measure the volume of water contained in a rectangular container, the length, depth, and width of the container is multiplied to get how many cubic feet it can hold. The product is then multiplied by the amount of cubic feet contained in a gallon (7.48) and you get the volume.


1.Mass is the amount of matter in the body of an object or substance while volume is the amount of space that is taken up by an object or substance.
2.Mass is a constant or unchanging property of an object or substance while the volume of an object or substance changes according to the state it is in.
3.Mass is the physical value of an object or substance while volume is a geometric value.
4.Mass is measured in grams and kilograms while volume is measured in cubic meters and liters.

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