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Difference Between Caesarian Section and Normal Birth

babyCaesarian Section Vs Normal Birth

A normal birth or normal delivery refers to the natural way through which a mother can give birth to a baby through the birth canal (vagina). The natural way therefore women were designed to produce is the vaginal delivery. However, there may be certain circumstances when a woman may not be able to have a vaginal delivery, in which case a caesarian section becomes the best second choice to deliver. A caesarian section (also called C-section) is a surgical procedure where a baby is delivered by incisions made through the mother’s uterus. A C-section is last resort after establishing that a mother or the baby may stand some risks through the natural delivery. The majority of C-sections are performed on short notice due to an emergency during normal delivery but some may be elective. Situations that may necessitate a C-section include: a breech baby, when the baby’s head faces upwards, very low lying placenta, vaginal bleeding, cord prolapsed where umbilical cord falls forward, too much anxiety of the expectant mother in some rare cases may necessitate a C-section.

A vaginal delivery is mainly determined by two variables namely the baby’s descent and the dilation of the cervix: both of which progress with time as described by the Friedman curve. If a problem occurs with the expected progress then things may become a little obvious. A dysfunctional labor will occur when slope of the two curves slows down. Dysfunction generally has two categories: either the cervix stops dilating or the baby’s head stops descending. Sometimes both may occur. A failure to progress diagnosis is made when there’s a stop in the progress for two hours when in active labor.Then a Caesarian section will be prescribed. However, even if Caesarian is indicated, it will still be a last resort after correctable measure has been tried. Things like altering the mother’s position again and again so that the baby can be guided into a descent with fewer obstructions through the pelvis may be tried to rule out a caesarian. Also the baby’s head could be gently rotated with a vaginal exam, so that some course may be re-established where the baby’s neck natural flexion can swing him back to the primary course.


Normal birth is delivery through a vaginal opening while Caesarian is a surgical procedure of delivery.
A C-section is usually just a second choice delivery and last resort while normal delivery is always the first choice.
A C-section is usually necessitated by emergencies that rule out normal birth possibility.
C-section always involves cutting of the abdomen and uterus while normal delivery doesn’t necessitate cutting of the uterus.

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