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Difference Between Obama and Bush foreign policy

obama-bushObama’s foreign policy vs Bush foreign policy

Many critics have stated that America’s foreign policy was not going to change despite a change in the country’s leadership. However, the foreign policies adopted by different presidents have differed in various respects. Certain variations can also be seen between the foreign policies of the Obama and Bush administrations.

Both the Bush administration and the Obama administration have committed to a foreign policy that ensures the safety of Americans. However, the Bush presidency was marked by tensions in all spheres. In the first few months of his presidency, Obama has not faced any serious foreign policy issues. He has vowed to commit himself and his administration to a foreign policy that ensures the safety of Americans.

Bush was clear in declaring war on Iraq stating that the country was a threat to the world. His foreign policy was to pump more troops into Iraq. But Obama has stated clearly that his mission will be to end the war in Iraq and focus on the challenges faced by that country. He has said the mission of US forces in Iraq will change drastically and that they will be engaged in training, equipping and advising the Iraqi Security Forces to meet future challenges.

Regarding America’s attitude towards Muslims, Obama has been clear stating that America is not an enemy of the Muslim world. Obama’s gesture of extending a hand to Muslims unheard of in Bush’s foreign policy.

Both the Bush and Obama administrations have taken similar stances when it comes to al qaeda and the taliban. While the Bush administration had no clear policy for tackling the menace, Obama has already announced a new strategy for dismantling the terrorist forces in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Regarding nuclear power and its potential as a threat to the world, there are certain differences between the Bush and Obama administrations. Obama is for reducing and eventually eliminating all existing nuclear arsenals. He has also proposed negotiation with Russia on further nuclear reductions and also the ratification of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. Obama stands for nuclear proliferation and for preventing terrorists from acquiring such weapons. Bush, on the other hand, had withdrawn from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty.

A few days after assuming office, President Obama stated that his vision was to strengthen existing relations and to build new relations to meet future challenges. Bush’s foreign policy was marked by diplomatic tension with many countries, such as Korea and China.

1.The Bush presidency was marked by tensions in all spheres. In the first few months into his presidency, Obama has not faced any serious foreign policy issues.
2.Obama’s mission in Iraq is to end the war and focus on the challenges faced by that country. Bush had a policy of pumping more troops into Iraq.
3.Obama’s gesture of extending a hand towards Muslims was unheard of in Bush’s foreign policy.

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  1. LMAO… Obama has started more wars in the middle east, and still has over 50,000 soldiers in Iraq. Furthermore you’re comparison left out what was the EXACT SAME! The reality is there was no difference. They have the EXACT SAME foreign policy. Rhetoric means nothing when it comes to actual policy.

  2. The “difference between” this article and most others is that this one asserts unwarranted attacks on former President Bush and has no true content while other articles provide real information on the respective policies of the administrations. I would suggest writing articles that have at least a grain of informative value.

  3. This is a joke right? Obama sent more drone attacks on Pakistan his first 2 years in office than Bush did his entire 2 terms in office. Obama has killed more innocent people in Pakistan and Afghanistan than Bush. Now, we are building up a naval presence in the Straits of Hormuz in what appears to be an eminent attack on Iran. We have to do Israel’s dirty work. All this is happening on the heel’s of a bankrupt nation; cities and counties filing for bankruptcy, and a recent article in the huffington Post where Paul Volker statesopines that 6 states are starring down social unrest because of severe fiscal shortfall’s. So let’s look at this objectively: needless war’s, profligate spending and bailouts for the rich. I wonder what president I am talking about… LOL. They are all the same. Ron Paul was civilizations only hope.

  4. Wow heavily biased.

  5. “the Bush presidency was marked by tensions in all spheres. ”

    I’m so glad Obama didn’t have these “tensions” to deal with. Otherwise, we might have found ourselves in Libya (what difference does it make?), or in a longer than necessary military engagement in Afghanistan, (where are the Cindy Sheehans, now?), or facing a “red line” showdown in Syria. (No, the chemical weapons shipped to Syria from Iraq are not the same WMD’s that were shipped to Syria from Iraq. Even though the shelf-life of said “non-existent” has been shown to exceed 40 plus years….well, you do the math.)

    Or, maybe you should ask someone else to do the math, since you can’t tell the difference between Bush and Obama.
    (hint; Obama IS Bush, on steroids, but you are too embarrassed to admit it).

  6. Bush and his administration outright lied about the “smoking guns” in Iraq and brutally attacked Iraq without cause, no invasion, attempt of invasion, and no threat. Distroyed much of the country, over 46,000 America lives, created about 2 million refugees, and caused the “Great Recession” in America.

  7. Lol.. Obama start a war in Eastern Ukraine, US funded Kiev junta by weapons, send mercenaries..

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