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Nuclear vs Atomic Bomb

Physics is a science that deals with the study of matter, motion, energy, and force. It is a natural science that is influential in the development of new technologies that are very useful to man. One of the most important fields of physics is nuclear physics.

Nuclear physics is the study of the interaction of atomic nuclei, its application in nuclear power generation, and the development of nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons are explosive devices that acquire power from nuclear reactions such as fission, fusion, or a combination of both.

In a nuclear bomb, fission, which is the splitting of atoms into two or more smaller atoms, or fusion, which is the fusing of two or more atoms into one large atom, takes place to release high-powered energy reactions between each atomic particle in the nucleus.
While nuclear fusion occurs naturally in stars, nuclear fission does not. Nuclear fusion releases more radioactive particles than nuclear fission, though, making the energy it releases greater than the energy released by nuclear fission.

It takes a little amount of energy to produce fission while fusion needs a high level of energy to bring two or more protons together. There are two types of nuclear bombs which use fusion and fission, the atomic bomb and the hydrogen bomb.
The hydrogen bomb uses nuclear fission to create a fusion reaction making it more powerful and destructive. It works by the fusion of light nuclei into a heavier one, taking its energy and power from the nuclear fusion of hydrogen isotopes.

It requires very high temperature to launch a fusion reaction; thus, it is also known as a thermonuclear bomb. It was tested in 1951, and it is triggered by an atomic bomb which is another kind of nuclear bomb that uses nuclear fission.
The atomic bomb was tested in 1945, the year that it was also used to bomb the Japanese city of Hiroshima. It used fission and is triggered by TNT causing plutonium to compress and become dense which in turn causes atoms to bump into each other and break down causing the bomb to explode.

While nuclear bombs are weapons of destruction, people are finding ways to put this source of energy into a more beneficial and constructive use. Nuclear power has already been tapped to provide energy to households through the production of electricity.


1.A nuclear bomb is a bomb that uses nuclear fission which is the splitting of an atom into two or more particles and nuclear fusion which is the fusion of two or more atoms into one large one while an atomic bomb is a type of nuclear bomb that uses nuclear fission.
2.The other type of nuclear bomb is the hydrogen bomb which uses nuclear fusion as the energy source and is more powerful than the atomic bomb which uses nuclear fission.
3.The power that is derived from nuclear weapons such as nuclear bombs and atomic bombs are being utilized for more constructive uses such as providing electricity.

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  1. Thanks a lot

    • Thanks for clearing that up. So a nuclear bomb is a fission bomb and a fusion bomb is a nuclear bomb and an atomic bomb is a fission bomb. Test.

  2. Is there a typo in paragraph 5 – “The hydrogen bomb uses nuclear fission to create a fusion reaction making it more powerful and destructive”? Do you want to say “hydrogen bomb uses nuclear FUSION…” instead?

    • Tnx for the clarity,,,but can we say that; to use hydrogen bomb is better to use nuclear bomb for lesser destructions in warfare?.

    • Atomic bomb uses nuclear fission which is less powerful than nuclear fusion, but requires less energy to trigger as well. Nuclear bombs uses nuclear fusion which is more powerful than nuclear fission, but is initially triggered by nuclear fission. With that, Hydrogen bomb is a type nuclear bomb, involving nuclear fission to trigger nuclear fusion.

  3. Is an atomic bomb as powerful and destructive as a nuclear one? Isn’t there a simpler way to educate people who do not understand physics about these bombs?

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