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Breathing is among the most natural things that we do. We breathe in order to live. This is basically true. In fact, breathing comes in very naturally to us that we tend to forget that we are even doing it. This is because breathing can be both voluntarily and involuntarily controlled. This means that our brain already programs our respiratory system to move and function without us being aware of it, thereby ensuring that we maintain the right amount of oxygen needed for us to live and for our cells to normally function.

The respiratory system is among the vital systems in our body. This system is basically considered as a major role-player for our survival, although we have to bear in mind that all systems in our body are equally important as well. Our lives depend on a normal and functioning respiratory system. With that said and done, our respiratory system is able to take in needed oxygen while it expels carbon dioxide. Furthermore, the air that we take in is constantly moving within out respiratory system through a series of parts that are undeniably important for breathing. The air ends up in the area for gas exchange, the alveoli. It is even said that if you stretch out all the alveoli, it would cover one-half of a tennis court.

The most important part of our respiratory system would be its largest part, the lungs. The lungs are a set of breathing apparatus that inflates and deflates as air goes in and out. Even if we cannot see our lungs, we can just picture out its inflation and deflation through the movement of our chest, as it expands and constricts during breathing. Furthermore, our lungs occupy most of our upper chest area and even sort-of encloses the heart in both sides. Since our lungs is made up of thin layers, it is protected by our ribs to prevent untoward injuries. Lastly, our lungs are divided into lobes.

Even though they may look alike in pictures or diagrams, our lungs have a difference, and that is in its number of lobes. The left lung is composed of only two lobes, separated midway by an interlobular fissure. Basically, these lobes are named according to their position in reference to the fissure, thus named superior and inferior lobes.

The right lung, on the other hand, has three lobes still separated by a fissure. It is comprised of a superior lobe, middle lobe, and inferior lobe. This makes it different from the left lung.

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1. The lungs are the major organ in the respiratory system that is vital for our survival.

2. The left lung is made up of two lobes,namely, superior and inferior.

3. The right lung is made up of 3 lobes, namely, superior, middle, and inferior.

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