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Nowadays, most disease conditions have been widely studied and researched in order to develop the most practical and surest way for cure and relief. Throughout the years, diseases have plagued millions of people around the world. Doctors and researchers have continuously stepped up their efforts to develop new methods and procedures to make sure that they are treating the right conditions. With so many diseases that may have similar signs and symptoms, it is up to sophisticated machines and diagnostic procedures to ensure that they are able to find the source of the problem.

With the huge improvements in disease diagnosis and testing, it is undeniable that we read breakthroughs in curing certain conditions that were once thought to be incurable and deadly. Furthermore, physicians have soon developed newer and safer methods of testing their patients in order to prevent further or additional harm, as well as, incorrect diagnosis of disease conditions. With the life of a patient at stake, it is therefore imperative that physicians use the best diagnostic procedures that can help them make sound and accurate decisions.

There are a lot of diagnostic procedures using diagnostic tools that have different functions and uses. These machines have revolutionized the way physicians work, and it has made their judgments and diagnosis more accurate. Among these machines, an EEG and a MRI have been noted to effectively help make accurate findings about the condition of the body. However, they are entirely different from each other.

First, an EEG is the acronym for an electroencephalography. It is a diagnostic test using a special machine that detects brain wave activity and functioning. The machine is attached to the scalp to record the electrical impulses generated by our brain. Basically, our neurons fire off electrical stimuli which is detected and recorded by this machine. It is then read or analyzed by expert physicians who would look for electrical abnormalities in the results or findings. Depending on a suspected condition, physicians would look for abnormal brain wave activities, for example, spikes or sharp waves which are usually noted in children with epilepsy. This is basically how an EEG is conducted.

On the other hand, a MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It is considered as an advanced diagnostic procedure that uses magnets and radio waves to picture a part of the body being tested. Furthermore, it is a non-invasive procedure that will visualize any internal part of the body. The concept relies on a magnetic field passed into our body, which then creates an image of the body under study. With that, any abnormalities and anomalies are detected and seen.

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1. Diagnostic procedures are reliable ways to determine what is wrong with the body.

2. EEG analyzes brain wave functioning using electrical impulses generated by the neurons.

3. MRI focuses a magnetic field into the body to create an image and look for any anomalies.

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  1. Sir, I feeling headache,one side of face and neck , some times my eye site going weak from last one month and I counsult a neuro surgeon, and I am under treatment but there is no relief I feeling now the same Dr, advice me for MRI. Today I did my EEG also I did my CT Scan last month. Advice please for further action.

    • Sir my 4 year old son complains of dizziness for few seconds many times , especially during night. He had undergone eeg n it was perfectly normal. Please suggest further

  2. Sir i am feeling sleeping disorder since 2 years plz suggest me which test I prefer EEG or MRI?

  3. Sir I ask pointless question to nonprofressional in foreign accent about brain disease please

  4. My son 10 years old vomited suddenly and was feeling drowsy while vomiting and after that too his lips turned white… Actually while playing he bend down then he felt everything blurred around him and then he vomited.. Doctor suggested eeg test… Pls suggest which should be done eeg or mri

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