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Difference Between Villi and Microvilli

Villi vs Microvilli

Our body is a complex structure with different functions. From the largest organs to the smallest cells, these body structures are intertwined and related to each other. Maybe God made it that way.

Our body is amazing considering this fact. Even the smallest cellular structures are quite remarkable for every single thing in our body has its important function. Nothing is a waste. Every bit of it is useful.

Villi and microvilli are structures in our body which have their own set of functions. Though both are ending in “villi,” these two words are different.

Let us start with microvilli. Microvilli is a part of a cell. Its function is to augment the surface area of the cell. The main function of microvilli includes secretion, absorption, and cellular sticking or adhesion. Villi or intestinal villi, on the other hand, are finger-like projections that are found in the intestinal wall. Each villus has a length of 0.5-1 mm. Each villus also contains a microvillus. The villi has the same function as the microvilli. It’s function is to increase the surface area, but this time the surface area is the intestinal lining. This is to promote better absorption.

Unlike the villi which can only be found in the intestinal lining, the microvilli can be found in several structures. Microviili can be found inside the ear through the sensory cells. It can also be found in the cells of our taste buds. Lastly, it can be located as well in the cells of our nose for smelling. Microvilli are also said to be found in the surface of egg cells and white blood cells for the purpose of migration.

Villi, on the other hand, act on the intestinal wall by increasing the surface area from 30 up to 60 times. This increases the absorption rate of nutrients and enzymes from the food being digested. Villi also help in food movement from the intestines.

These two minute structures, despite being very small, can do wonders. That is why we should not take everything and everyone for granted.


1.Microvilli can be found in many cell membranes while the villi can only be found in the intestinal wall.
2.The villi are larger than microvilli.
3.The villi act to increase the absorption rate of the intestines while the microvilli have more functions besides absorption of cell nutrients.

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  1. I came to this site to understand the difference between microvilli and villi, not delve into the theory of Intelligent Design. The writer obviously isn’t a scientist because they claim “every single thing in our body has its important function. Nothing is a waste. Every bit of it is useful.” What about tail bones? The appendix? One google of “vestigial structures” will tell you that’s not true. I expect to come on this site to become informed, not to read deceptive misinformation. Please take more care in checking into your facts.

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