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ABA and IBI are often construed to be similar terms. But they are, in fact, not the same. ABA and IBI are just two much related acronyms. ABA stands for Applied Behavior Analysis whereas IBI is the acronym for Intensive Behavioral Intervention. Both ABA and IBI are regarded with much importance most especially in cases including behavioral abnormalities.

One of the key differences between the two is that ABA is a teaching methodology. It is a scientific art of carefully using experimented behaviors to stimulate behavioral change (positive) in a person having significant (abnormal) behavior. One common example is the behavior exhibited in autistic patients. ABA is therefore utilized by teacher and educators alike to these cases. A concrete application of ABA is how it is being used as the medium for instruction in certain schools for autistic children.

What makes ABA important is that it imparts in the learner a broader understanding of his or her significant behaviors and even to the point of honing new-fangled skills that will help change the overall behavior of the patient.

IBI on the contrary is the technique used by specially trained therapists. It is rather intensive in nature that will run through 20 to 40 hours a week of IBI therapy. In most cases, a team of aides are present that are being manned by a skillful psychologist. The most effective form of IBI is thought to be the ones done at the earliest stage of autism. From ages 2 to 15, autistic children are being subjected to IBI at three different environments namely: at school, at home and in the community setting. Example programs done in the last two environments are parent training, community support, behavior consult, and one on one intervention among others.

Because IBI and ABA are related terminologies, IBI borrows some techniques that are grounded upon the theory of ABA. But ABA, in itself, is a science that includes the use of positive reinforcements. Rewards are thus given to those who are able to exhibit positive behavior. If commendable behavior is not rewarded, this will just fade away in time.

1. ABA is a broad science that is being used by educators for autistic patients whereas IBI is a specific therapy that only uses principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis.
2. ABA is often used by educators and teachers whereas IBI is the one done by therapists and psychologists.

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