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Difference Between Adipex and Adipex P

Adipex Vs Adipex P

For several years already, many have asked about the difference between Adipex and Adipex-P. Those who are taking Adipex, when ordering their medication online, later find out that they actually received the Adipex-P formulation. The trick is both names have the same 37.5 mg of drug content so there’s practically no difference aside from the other having an extension ‘P.’

Indeed, there is really no distinct difference between the two names. Many claim that the Adipex name sprung out as early as the 1960’s making it the earlier standard name for the Adpipex drug. Adipex-P, on the contrary, is said to be the newer name for Adipex which emphasizes the letter ‘P’ to signify phentermine. Adipex is phentermine (the generic name). Thus, it is safe to say that Adipex-P is the new official name of the same drug. It just so happened that many doctors drop the ‘P’ most likely in order for them to write the drug name much easier and faster.

Because of the popularity of dieting and losing weight fad, many people are seeking for the medicinal approach just to have their weight dropped down significantly. In this regard, Adipex has become the most widely used weight loss medication particularly in the U.S. Manufactured by Gate Pharmaceuticals, this drug is an oblong shaped tablet bearing the colors blue and white. It can also be in the form of a capsule with one end being blue and the other being white but has some visible dark bluish stripes

Adipex or Adipex-P suppresses one’s appetite. It is used for the short term on patients who are declared as obese. It shouldn’t be taken haphazardly especially to nursing or pregnant women and to the younger consumers like children and early adolescents below 16 since there are still no studies that can prove the drug’s safety for these types of people. Just like any other drug, one can feel some side effects after taking Adipex-P. The most common of which are palpitations, insomnia, chest pains, shortness of breath and also anxiety attacks. Morever, it shouldn’t be used for more than 3 months because it has a very high addiction potential.

Although both drug names are just one same drug having two identities, they still have some superficial differences:

1. Adipex-P is the newer trade name for phentermine unlike Adipex.

2. Adipex-P is now the official name for the same drug such as Adipex.

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  1. I feel as if this is somewhat false information…adipex and adipex-p are different in their formula composition in that the original adipex works much more efficiently than the adipex-p “phentermine

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