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Difference Between Birth Control and Contraception

birthcontrolBirth Control vs Contraception

Birth control pills are sometimes also called oral contraceptives. Condoms are a way of contraception and controlling birth, as well as providing protection from STDs. Similarly, there is the female condom, spermicidal jelly and the most reliable of all ‘“ the withdrawal method. Abortion can also be called birth control, as well as pills that are taken, before or after, sexual intercourse, that prevent the sperm from fertilizing the egg. When males or females undergo operations to remove the fertilizing parts from their reproductive organs, it can be called birth control. Basically, the terminology is jumbled up. The differences between the usage of these two terms will be more clear after reading the following:


Birth control: Anything that helps control the birth of a child, according to the wishes of the parents, i.e. the planning to control the number of children born.

Contraception: This word originates from the words contra + conception, i.e. anti-birth, or anything that prevents birth by natural or artificial means.


· Preventing sperm from coming into contact with the ovum (through the use of condoms or diaphragms, among other things).

· Drugs with hormones.

· Stopping ovulation (through oral birth control pills).

· Stopping implantation (by intrauterine aids).

· Destruction of the sperm (use of spermicidal jelly).

· Stopping sperm from reaching seminal fluid (using vasectomy).

· The rhythm method and Coitus Interruptus are natural methods of preventing pregnancy.

Specific Differences

Basically, contraception means preventing the male’s sperm from meeting with the female’s egg. Birth Control is a broader term (it includes contraception), and is a part of family planning.

When fertilization of the female ovum by the male sperm is prevented, it is called Contraception. When the implantation of the blastocyst is stopped, it is called Contragestion. So that gives an insight into the meaning of contraception, which, nowadays, is generally used for both of the terms.

Language Usage

One should say: “Suzy went to a Birth Control doctor to seek advice on how to manage a second birth and child”. For contraception, the sentence should be: “The doctor advised the new couple to use physical contraception for a few years after marriage”.

Using both the terms in one sentence could be like the following example: ‘Oral contraception pills are becoming the most popular method of birth control and safe sex’. Take note that ‘contraception’, in this sentence, acts like an adjective, describing the kind of pills. Birth control is a noun, a thing, a classification of various methods, including many other methods of contraception, for example, physical devices such as male or female condoms, spermicidal jellies and their counterparts for females, etc. Natural methods are removing the male organ from the female organ before ejaculation. When a person has a Vasectomy or Tubectomy, they are not using ‘contraception’, but have had a safe, birth-control operation.


1. Thus, contraception can be stated to be some kind of thing, material, gadget, device, machine, etc. A ‘contraception’, so to say.

2. Whereas, ‘Birth Control’ is an immaterial, general term, for the class of activities and medical aid, for controlling the birth of children and the planning of families.

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