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mri-medicalCAT scan vs MRI

The advancement in the field of medical science has made the imaging field of the body much easier with CAT and MRI scans. Computed Axial Tomography (CAT or CT) was introduced in 1970. Since then CT scan has become a popular medical imaging tool. CT has the drawback of radiation exposure. MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) is relatively new technique developed in 1980s. The MRI uses magnetic and radio waves to get the imaging of the body. This way the patient is not exposed to any radiation or magnetic field.

MRI is widely used by the doctors to test various conditions of diseases. This procedure is easy and non-invasive way to examine the tissues, organs and skeletal system. This is widely used to examine tumors, aneurysms, stroke and spinal cord injuries. This is also helpful in heart and blood vessel examination and detection of the bone infections.

MRI machine is made of huge magnet which is in the shape of tube. In this procedure the patient is placed inside the tube to get the medical imaging done. MRI aligns the water molecules of the body and used radio waves to capture the image. While going through the process you must remove all the metal accessories and keep the technicians informed about internal metal inserts done in previous surgeries.

Due to the process and technology involved the MRI scan is working out to be expensive for many. This scan would take 30 minutes to complete the test.

CT scan helps in examining the bone structure and anatomy of organs. The diagnosis of bone tumors and fractures, blood clots, cancer and internal bleeding are very popular among many medical practitioners. As against MRI, CT scan is safe to use on those patients with pacemakers. Drinking contrast liquid before you scan helps to get clear picture of blood vessels and other structures.

Less expensive CT scan uses X-ray technique for examination. Like that of an x-ray procedure, the patients are exposed to a moderate amount of radiation. One should avoid this type of scan if found pregnant. The patient is placed inside the machine hole for examination. Following this the X ray unit revolves around the body to capture the body image.

CT scan wins many hearts as it is less expensive when compared to MRI scan. This scan also produces clear bone structure detailing. The total duration of examination would be 5 minutes. The major drawback in this scenario would be the radiation and less detailing on soft tissues.

1.MRI is the best way  for an easy and non-invasive way to examine the tissues, organs and skeletal system.

2.CAT scan is used best in examining the bone structure and anatomy of organs with moderate exposure to radiation.

3. As against MRI CT scan is safe to use on those patients with pacemakers.

4.Cat scan is less expensive than MRI.

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