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Difference Between X-Ray and CAT Scan

x-rayX-Ray vs CAT Scan

The X-ray machine has been around for a very substantial length of time and it has provided doctors an easy way to check what is happening inside our bodies. A later technology that was derived from X-ray is Computed Axial Tomography or CAT scan. Though it still uses the technology of X-rays, it adds computing power to enhance the imaging techniques. CAT scans can take axial images of certain sections of the body, something X-rays cannot do. A CAT scan can take these axial images and compile them together. From these, it can recreate how the tissues and organs look inside. This 3D view is a better representation of the body making it easier and more accurate for the doctors to make a diagnosis. An X-ray is only capable of taking snapshots of large sections of the body.

An X-ray is still a very common tool for doctors as it is both cheap and easy to get. It’s most common use is to look at bones or the contents of the stomachs as it doesn’t really require that much detail to diagnose. But for looking at organs and other areas that is difficult to get a clear image of, a CAT scan is required as it is more capable.

A CAT scan exposes the patient to greater amounts of radiation as it takes multiple images during a single scan. That is why doctors narrow the search area to certain sections of the body based on the patient’s symptom, to avoid full body scans. The technicians conduct the scan behind a shielded room to avoid exposing themselves. Getting a CAT scan is also a lot more expensive than getting an X-ray. This is because the equipment used is a lot more expensive and the people who conducts the tests are also trained better as it is more complex to operate.

1. The CAT Scan is more advanced than an X-ray
2. A CAT Scan takes axial images of the body while the X-ray cannot
3. A CAT Scan is capable of reproducing a 3D view while X-ray cannot
4. An X-ray only takes snapshots of the body while a CAT Scan reveals the whole thing
5. An X-ray is excellent for checking bones but a CAT Scan is better for anything else
6. A CAT Scan exposes the patient to more radiation than an X-ray does
7. A CAT scan is more expensive than an X-ray

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