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Difference between gaviscon and gaviscon advance

Gaviscon and Gaviscon advance are types of antacids prescribed commonly for dyspepsia (acidity) and heartburn. Antacids are drugs used to neutralize and balance the acid present in the stomach. This acidity can lead to heartburn, regurgitation and indigestion. Antacids treat this heartburn and belching which occurs due to reflux of the stomach acid into the food pipe. Some antacids are available in a pharmacy without a prescription, but it is advisable not to self medicate. Antacids are usually available in the form of chewable tablets as well as liquid suspensions.

Gaviscon and Gaviscon Advance are both variants of antacids which are used for severe heartburn, regurgitation and indigestion. These medications have a rapid and instant action and the effects last two times more than other commonly available antacids. These can be taken safely during pregnancy. Both are available through a pharmacy only.

The medications are quite similar with a few vital differences in their contents, mode of action and packaging.

Difference in contents

Gaviscon original contains Sodium Alginate , calcium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate. On the other hand Gaviscon Advance contains Sodium Alginate and potassium bicarbonate. Gaviscon Advance contains double the amount of Sodium Alginate than the Gaviscon original.

How do they work?

Both medications principally work by forming a strong physical barrier over the lining of the stomach. This barrier is formed when the medication comes in contact with the acid in the stomach. This cover floats on the food contents in the stomach and prevents it from going up into the food pipe. In case of inflammation of the food pipe, these medications have an additional effect of healing.

The vital difference between both these medications lies in the fact that since Gaviscon Advance contains double the amount of Sodium Alginate than Gaviscon Original, the barrier or cover formed is stronger and more pliable.

Difference in packaging and availability

These medications are different in there availability of flavours, and packaging. Gaviscon Original is available in the form of tablets, liquid and liquid sachets.

Gaviscon Advance is available in the form of tablets and liquids. Both are available in various sizes and flavors like aniseed and peppermint.

Both the medications should be taken only after a prior consultation with a medical doctor. They may interact with other medications that one might be taking and should be checked out thoroughly.


Gaviscon and Gavison Advance are commonly prescribed antacids which have a longer duration of effect and rapid action in treating heartburn and acidity. Though both medications are more or less similar, the major difference lies in their contents. Gaviscon contains Sodium Alginate, sodium bicarbonate and calcium carbonate while Gaviscon Advance contains twice the amount of Sodium Alginate and potassium bicarbonate. They act by creating a cover between the food and stomach lining, reducing symptoms of discomfort experienced by patients. Gaviscon Advance has a stronger effect due to greater amount of Sodium Alginate in its composition. Both medications should be taken under medical supervision.

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  1. Gaviscon advanced is the best lasts long and eases heartburn original gaviscon isn’t as good on my experience

    • i have been prescribed gaviscon advance for at least the past 5 years. for acid re-flux. however i have recently started getting a vry nasty coated dry mouth in the early hours of the morning and into the later morning.at first i thought it was down to my diabetes or sleeping with my mouth open, however recently the chemist has been trying to provide a generic version which frankly is vile to take so i now buy my own gaviscon advance. i could get this via my Dr but only if i pay ¬£6 for a private prescription for the original advance one. so as its available over the counter i pay for my own. a few weeks ago i had to go to my dentist for new dentures making,)mine are ancient and again i wondered if they could be the cause of this nasty mouth i kept getting.) just before xmas i bought a new bottle of .as i thought, gaviscon advance(from the chemist who does my prescription drugs for me so they have record of what i am on plus any effects my meds are having). the dentist thought it could be any or all of 5 of my meds.. asthma sprays, diabetic tablet/etc. this was verified by the in house pharmacist at our GP’s surgery.;anything could have caused it. when i came to use the new bottle of gaviscon advance i found it was pretty runny. most unusual. bit i didnt think it could be a different one/.. so i took the required doses that night. next morning my mouth felt at least 75 percent better, so that night i took another full dose of it /next day my mouth was so even more better. so i experimented and following night i took the usual one. and again last night. guess what? my nasty mouth has almost gone but should i keep on with the advance one or the original? former being the prescribed one

  2. If you have any stage of kidney disease you should not use Gaviscon Advance as it contains potassium which makes the condition worse. Stick to original Gaviscon (the UK not the US version).

  3. Whatstores in the US sells gaviscon advance

  4. After reading this article, I was horrified when I realized that I have been overdosing on Gaviscon for decades! Now, I am frightened and terribly worried that I may have caused damage. However, I have recently had a colonoscopy and an endoscopy and my doctor hasn’t mentioned that there’s anything visible, although I don’t think he’s aware of how much Gaviscon I have taken over the many years. My biggest problem is extreme GERD and I have a “large hiatal hernia.” This was noted in the report from my gastrointestinal doctor. I’ve literally suffered from this for years and was diagnosed with colitis when I was 12, although I believe I had it from even a younger age! There are often days when I’ve taken 3 or more doses (2 tablets per dose) per day. Sometimes, I take the liquid form. My GERD is SO bad that it had caused erosion to most of my teeth! One of the worst side effects besides refulx is the continual belching all day long. I have been on a VERY restricted diet for several years, and although it has helped somewhat, I am still miserably plagued with the burning in my stomach and esophagus. Tonight, I came upon this article while searching to find out if Gaviscon is all right to take after I took a pain killer for a toothache that contains codeine. I never found an answer, but I saw that it is not good to take Gaviscon if you have hemorrhoids, which I do, but I am not able to find the reason why. I’ve had them since I gave birth 52 years ago! I had surgery to remove them over 3 years ago, but of course, they come back. I’m a total wreck over this, plus I have other ailments. Basically, my life “sucks!” If anyone, preferably a doctor can respond, I’d be forever grateful! Thank you!

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