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Difference Between Iron Deficiency and Anemia

Iron Deficiency vs Anemia

Iron, which is considered as a common metal and one of the most abundant minerals in our earth, has a lot of uses for us. I am not referring to its uses to almost every material or item we can see around us. What I am referring to is its importance in minute amounts, and how it has a huge role in our body.

Iron is an essential mineral that all of us should take daily. Knowing the different types of food that contain iron could be good for us. Eating a balanced diet already gives us adequate amounts of iron that are needed for use. What is important though is that you should know the foods that contain enough amounts of iron are. There are many rich sources of iron available to us, so we do not have any problem in choosing from among them. To name a few, we have red meat, poultry products, fish, and green leafy vegetables contain iron that is essential for the body.

Why is iron essential to our body? This is the reason . Iron, in its original form, combines with blood compounds to form hemoglobin. Now, hemoglobin is needed in the red blood cells because these are the ones that carry oxygen molecules to the different cells in our body. Oxygen ,as we all know, is important because it allows every cell in our body to work and function well. Thus, iron should be present for the red blood cells to adequately carry oxygen to the different parts of the body.

Furthermore, iron also influences the actions of important enzymes in our body, acting as a medium of transport for electron in our cells, to ensure normal functioning. Without iron, our body would tend to degrade and wither. Thereby, the inadequate intake of iron in our body is called as iron deficiency. This is not a disease condition but actually it is a result of malnutrition. Every individual should know that there is needed amount of iron in the body, depending on body mass and gender, since females are in need of iron supplements more than men.

When iron deficiency is too much and not treated properly, then this would now lead to anemia, or Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA). In this case, there is already a notable decrease in the red blood cells that carry vital oxygen. This is not malnutrition anymore, but rather, a disease condition in itself. It causes paleness and weakness if not adequately addressed.

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1. Iron is a vital mineral in our body with many functions but primarily needed in the formation of hemoglobin.

2. Iron deficiency results from an inadequate intake of foods rich in iron.

3. Anemia, on the other hand, is a disease condition due to decreased red blood cells for circulation to the body.

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