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Difference Between Oxycodone and Percocet

Oxycodone vs Percocet

Pain is one of the most common causes for individuals to seek consultation or even hospitalization. It is also among the most common reasons for medication expenses. In fact, many individuals would prefer to stack-up on pain medications in their homes for easier reach and use. As such, pain is neither a disease nor an ailment, but rather, only a symptom that indicates something is wrong with the body. Because of this, much has been invested on pain management and control.

Most individuals who experience pain are given different pain medications which vary depending on the degree and type of pain felt. Pain is a subjective word, since only a person can actually feel and describe it, and thereby, most health personnel would have to inquire how pain is perceived. However, nowadays, there have been many findings that suggest when a person is in pain. Usually elevated blood pressure , increased heart rate, grimacing, and guarding behavior are only some of the indicators for pain. These subtle signs often signify and reinforce a verbal proclamation of pain from a patient.

Very often though, pain is just too much to handle with over-the-counter medications and a stronger dosage or form is needed. When this occurs, pain medications now need a doctor’s prescription and constant monitoring to prevent adverse reactions. Usually, pain medications for moderate to severe pain are in the form of opioid analgesics or narcotic analgesics which are very strong pain relievers. However, one has to know is that these medications can cause adverse reactions, and sometimes, cause minor addiction. This is the reason a physician is required when using such medications.

There are a lot of narcotic analgesics developed for use. Among them, Oxycodone and Percocet are considered to belong to the same class of analgesics, but these two do have a difference.

Oxycodone is an opioid analgesic or narcotic analgesic developed almost 100 years ago. During those times, it was designed to boost opiate drugs. Nowadays, it has been developed to treat moderate to severe sensations of pain. This drug is usually prescribed for patients suffering from a sudden occurrence of severe pain of unknown cause, or for those who would undergo surgery.

Percocet, on the other hand, is also a narcotic analgesic developed in the mid 1970s. Although Percocet may contain Oxycodone, it is different because it has an Acetaminophen part which means that it has an effect similar to that of Acetaminophen. It is also prescribed for moderate to acute occurrences of severe pain.

You can consult a physician if you want to know more since only basic details are provided here.


1. Narcotic analgesics provide stronger pain relief but have an increase chance for minor addiction.

2. Oxycodone is prescribed for moderate to acute episodes of severe pain.

3. Percocet, a combination of oxycodone and acetaminophen, is for moderate ‘“ severe acute pain.

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