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Difference Between Amnesia and Alzheimer’s

Amnesia vs Alzheimer’s

The difference between amnesia and Alzheimer’s Disease may be confusing to many people since several of their symptoms are similar. Both of these illnesses cause psychological malfunctioning and, in some cases, both are incurable. People are also misinformed about what causes them and why patients contract these abnormalities. However, we can distinguish between the two conditions by separating them and explaining their differences.

When a patient has amnesia, it means that he or she has lost a certain part or the whole of their memory. Although this condition is not present at birth, it can be acquired as a result of different factors and situations. In many instances, amnesia can be a permanent state, especially in more serious cases. There are many causes for amnesia, such as accidents, head injuries, physical trauma, and post-traumatic stress, amongst other things. This illness has specific classifications and some minor cases can  be cured. Amnesia can be classified into many categories and sub-categories and they vary with upon each case.

Alzheimer’s Disease (or simply Alzheimer’s), on the other hand,  is an incurable disease which is also not present at birth. It was once believed that this disease only affected people after they had reached a certain age. Each sufferer has their own unique stages of symptoms, but usually their symptoms are the same. When someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, it is already a permanent condition and medicines can only slow down its effects and take-over of the body. No cure has been found or discovered yet. Some of the first symptoms of Alzheimer’s are aggression, confusion, inability to talk normally, a constant shaking of the body, short- to long-term loss of memory, or the sudden withdrawal of the body with the brain. By this stage, the person may no longer have any useful functioning.


  1. Both amnesia and Alzheimer’s have memory loss as a symptom in common
  2. Both amnesia and Alzheimer’s can be a permanent condition.
  3. Some cases of amnesia are treatable, but Alzheimer’s is a terminal disease as no cure has been found as yet.
  4. There are many kinds of amnesia, but only one type of  Alzheimer’s.
  5. Amnesia only affects the psychological state of a person while Alzheimer’s affects the psychological, emotional, and physical condition of a person.

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