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Differences Between Korat and Russian Blue

Korat vs Russian Blue

Cats have made their way through the hearts of several pet lovers. Who could resist their cuteness and fluffiness? Cats are beautiful furballs that can soothe your worries away just by looking at them and petting them. Among the popular breed of cats people seek are the Korat cat and the Russian Blue cat. But there is only one problem. You cannot distinguish a Korat cat from a Russian Blue cat, or the other way around. For starters, these two breeds are really hard to tell them apart. In this article, we will help you to determine the differences between the Korat cat and the Russian Blue cat.

The Korat cat and the Russian Blue cat are both outstanding and intelligent pets. They are often mistaken as the same breed since both have a grey fur and green eyes. But if you will look at them closely, you will notice their differences. The Korat cat is the stouter one than the Russian Blue. Aside from the Russian Blue’s thinner appearance, it has the grace of an aristocrat. Though the Korat cat seems to be stouter than the Russian Blue, it only has a little fat. Its body is more muscular than fat.

Both cats also have different shapes of face. The Korat cat has a heart-shaped face while the Russian Blue has a wedge-shaped face. But I guess it’s still hard to determine just by looking at the shape of their faces. So here is another difference between them. Look at their fur or coat. They both have the same silver grey coat, but you can tell their differences through how their furry hair grows. You can tell that it is a Korat cat if it has single-haired fur. Aside from that, the Korat cat has no downy undercoat. Since it is single haired and has no downy undercoat, cat owners can have the relief of not having to comb their fur as often. And you don’t have to worry whether the Korat cat will have so much loose hair. Its original grey coat will have silver tips as the Korat cat ages.

On the other hand, the Russian blue looks fluffier than the Korat cat because it has down hairs as well as guard hairs. Its downy hairs are of the same length as its guard hairs. Since the Russian blue has so many hairs, it helps this thinner cat to appear thicker and softer. The Russian blue also has the silver tips in their coat. So remember, if the cat has no downy undercoat, it is a Korat. But if the cat has down and guard hairs, it is a Russian blue. The Korat is typically a jungle cat while the Russian blue is a cold-climate cat.

With regards to the temperament of both cats, the Korat is more aloof – being a jungle cat. However, it is a very active and adventurous cat. It’s quite a playful and very curious cat. When left alone inside your house, you should be ready to do a little cat housekeeping. On the other hand, the Russian Blue is a well-behaved cat. It is not as aloof as the Korat cat. It is a sweet and loving cat.


  1. Korat and Russian Blue both have a grey coat and green eyes.

  2. The Korat has a heart-shaped face while the Russian Blue has a wedge-shaped face.

  3. The Korat appears to be stouter than the Russian Blue.

  4. The Korat is a jungle cat while the Russian Blue is a cold-climate cat.

  5. The Korat is a very playful cat while the Russian Blue is a well-behaved one.


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  1. I’m not sure what kind of cat I have if he is Russian blue or korat cat. His body is really long and he has hip bones that really stick out far and sometimes he likes too bite me or my feet he can be very living but can be mean too.

    • My kitty is the same. Cuddles up to you one minute, then mean in the same breath. He does not do that to my husband. He loves on him.

      • I have a Russian Blue, and it is a common characteristic for them to attach themselves to one person. My cat follows me around, but tolerates my wife. A Russian Blue also does not like visitors they are not pretty familiar with. My cat hates parties! lol She’ll run off until everyone is gone or it gets close to feeding time. Then, she’ll find me and stare at me as if I’ve betrayed her. lol. Those are some character traits of a Russian Blue. The most telling is the coat. It reminds me of a forest. The trees stick up, but underneath, thick underbrush covers the floor.

    • Sounds like a korat

    • mine too. he is only 1 put looks like a spinks. Egyptian

  2. My highly intelligent Korat loves dogs but has no interest in other cats except for her boyfriend whom she dominates. She loves to hunt and I’ve seen her with garden snakes a number of times. She loves me very much but also demands her independence. She is the most beautiful interesting cat I have ever known.

  3. My cat is very playful she depends on me for her food she loves for my wife to pet her but love me to play with her, I don’t know if she is Korat or Russian Blue we named her Heidi because she appeared in our garage as a two week old kitten and she loves to hide from us we love her a lot she is a joy to have around

  4. my cat has a striped tail, which one would that be?

    • a russian blue. my cat is also a russian blue and she has a striped tail 🙂

    • My cat is a Russian Blue. If you look closely at the tail, you will see rings. They can be slight or more pronounced depending on the age, but you can really tell the difference (for me) when looking at her from the front. If the spacing of the ears is wide as if any further apart, they’d have to be on the side of its head, it is a Russian Blue. The Korat has normally space ears.

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