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zebrasZebra vs Horse

The scientific name of a horse is Equus ferus caballus. It is a hoofed mammal and a sub-specie of the seven extant species of the Equidae family. Over the past 45 to 55 million years the horse has developed from a small multi toed creature to a large one toed animal. The domestication of horses started around 4000 BC.

The word ‘zebra’ is derived from an Old Portugese term zevra which means wild ass. Zebras are famous for their white and black stripes. Their patterns and shapes are unique for individual zebras. The zebras are social animals and are found in large herds or small harems. Zebras have never been domesticated. Three species of zebras are found. These are Plains Zebra, Mountain Zebra and Grevy’s Zebra. The Plains Zebra and the Mountain Zebra belongs to the subgenus Hippotigris while Grevy’s Zebra belong to the Dolichohippus species. This is similar to an ass while Plains and Mountain Zebras are quite close to horses.

There are a lot of distinguishing features between a horse and zebra. The bone structure of both the animals is different. Zebras possess solid tails unlike horses.  The anatomy of a horse makes them use speed to run away from predators. They have a well developed sense of balance. They have a powerful fight or flight attitude inside them. Horses are habituated in sleeping while standing up. Female horses are known as mares and they carry their child for 11 months. A young horse is called a foal that stands up and runs shortly after birth. Horses are trained perfectly at nearly the age of two to four. The average life span of a horse is around 25 to 30 year.

Zebras are found in a variety of locations like savannas, rasslands, woodlands, mountains, hills and scrublands. Certain anthropogenic factors have affected the population of zebras. Hunting zebras for skins and destroying lands have affected  zebra population. The Grevy’s and Mountains Zebra are considered as endangered species.

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  1. The sense the article makes isn’t much, and doesn’t really tell how they’re different. Or, the difference is just there, but it doesn’t tell me much.

    So … zebras have bone structure which makes them more solid than horses, but also significantly slower ?

  2. While your armadillo/anteater comparison is quite reasonable and informative, the horse/zebra comparison is incomplete and vague, of very little value for comparing the two species.

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