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Ever wondered what differences lurk between the north and south poles? There are quite a handful of characteristics that make the north and south poles what they are today.

First, the North Pole is sometimes referred to as the arctic pole. It is located at the northernmost point of the planet. It is situated at the Arctic Ocean and is seen to be surrounded by land. The northernmost portion of Canada, Greenland, Russia and many other countries are part of this Arctic region. In this section, the icebergs are more seasonal in occurrence. The North Pole is like a huge chunk of constantly shifting ice sitting atop a huge body of water. It is just fairly elevated above the sea (3 feet). In addition, it has been noted that the average temperature of the area is about 0 °F.

The natural features of the South are quite different. It lies on a huge chunk of land ‘“ the Antarctic continent. Thus it is obviously surrounded by an ocean. Icebergs are said to be created all year round making the ice accumulate and double the actual size of the continent. That’s why it is said that the South Pole has more ice than the opposite end. Unlike the North Pole, the South is pretty elevated. It has several mountain ranges and is usually elevated 9,300 feet beyond the sea level. With regard its temperature, it is said that the Antarctic region can go as low as 58 °F at an average.

Generally, plants and animals flourish in the North Pole or at the Arctic regions. Tree lines are somehow developed at some areas and there are many spots with thriving moss and other low lying flora. Mammals such as the ox, fox, reindeer and bears also abound in the region. Many marine animals live in the North like whales and seals. On top of which, certain amphibious mammals coexist as well. This may be due to the ‘warmer’ environment of the North as opposed to the South. Overall, this scenario is not the usual case in the Antarctic South Pole since it is said that the place has lesser flora and fauna.

1. There are more mammals in the North Pole compared to the meager mammal fauna in the South.

2. There are fewer floras in the South compared to the North.

3. It is colder in the South Pole than in the North

4. The ice elevation above sea level is higher in the South than in the North.

5. The North Pole has less land area as compared to the South

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