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Difference Between Spiders and Insects

Spiders vs Insects

Spiders belong to the class of Arachnida. On the other hand, the insects belong to the class of Insecta.

We also look into the structures of these organisms. For insects, they have three pairs of legs or six legs. On the other hand, spiders have four pairs or eight legs. Spiders and insects also have a difference when it comes to their major body parts. Spiders only have two main body parts while insects have three main body parts. Insects have their head, the thorax, and the abdomen. As for the spiders, they already have a combined head and thorax. This combined thorax and head is called a cephalothorax, but they do still have an abdomen.

There are also differences between spiders and insects when it comes to their minor body parts. The insects use their mandibles to consume food. As for spiders, they use their chelicerae to consume their food. Insects have their antennae while spiders have their pedipalpi. Insects have several parts in their head, namely, a pedicel, a scape, a labrum, a clypeus, and frons while the spider has none of these parts on its head. But when it comes to the limbs, spiders have more parts than insects. Unlike the spider, an insect does not have a coxa, a trochanter, a patella, and a metatarsus. They also have a few differences in the abdominal area. Insects mostly have a scutellum, a suture, and elytra while the spiders have none of these parts. But the spiders do have spinnerets. They also have differences in their eyes. Spiders have a simple set of eyes while, on the other hand, insects have a complex set of eyes. Spiders, though, have four pairs of eyes while insects only have one pair.

As for the abilities of these organisms, there are also a lot of variations. Spiders are able to spin webs out of their spinnerets while insects cannot. However, the insects have the upper hand when it comes to the ability of flight. Most insects can fly while spiders cannot. They also have a variation when it comes to senses. Insects use their antennae while spiders use their cuticles.


1.Spiders and insects have differences in their major body parts.

2.Spiders and insects have a difference in their classes.

3.Spiders and insects have differences in their minor body parts.

4.Spiders and insects have a difference in their abilities.

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