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a Filly vs a Mare

Horses are hoofed mammals that evolved from a small, multi-toed animal into a large, single-toed animal that we see today. They were domesticated in 4000 BC, and today there are only few types of horses that remain in the wild; the Przewalski’s horse and feral horses which came from domesticated horses that live in the wild.

They are very fast creatures and have a very good sense of balance enabling them to escape predators. They are also able to sleep either standing up or lying down. Here are the various names given to horses in different stages:

• Foal, which is a male or female horse that is less than a year old. It is also called a suckling, and after it is weaned it is called a weanling.
• Yearling, this is a male or female horse that is one year old.
• Colt, which is a four-year-old male horse.
• Stallion, which is a four-year-old or older horse that is not castrated.
• Gelding, this is a castrated male horse of any age.
• Filly, which is a young and unbred female horse between the ages of one to four.
• Mare, which is a female horse that is four years or older. They are female horses that have been bred.

In some cases, a filly is defined as a young female horse less than three years old, but the definition that is used most often is that it is a young female horse aged five years or less. A mare, on the other hand, is defined as an adult female horse aged five years or older.

These terms are also used to describe other female equine animals like mules and zebras. Mares are bred, and they carry their babies for 11 months. They usually just produce one foal for each pregnancy although there are rare cases of twin births.

Although fillies are already sexually mature at the age of two, they are not bred until they have stopped growing. This happens at age four onwards or until they are already mares. Mares can produce foals until their twenties.

Both fillies and mares are used for horse racing. At two years old, a filly can be trained for racing. Mares are intelligent, courageous, and easy to handle so they are appropriate for horse racing. Although they can become anxious when separated from their foals, they are not easily distracted during races and are very loyal to their riders.


1. A filly is a young female horse that can either be under the age of three or five while a mare is an adult female horse that is four to five years or older.
2. Although a filly is already sexually mature at the age of two, they are not bred until they reach at least the age of four.
3. Both a filly and a mare can be used for horse racing, and training usually starts with fillies until they become mares at which time they can already perform better at races.

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