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Difference Between Beluga Messenger and Twitter

Beluga Messenger vs Twitter

Nowadays, information is king. In order to get the word out, you need to use one of the services available. Two of these said services are Twitter and Beluga Messenger. The biggest difference between Twitter and the Beluga messenger is in the things that they let you do. Beluga messenger is strictly a messaging app. It lets you add contacts so that you can send and receive messages with them. You can also do the same with Twitter by using their direct message function, but it is not what twitter is all about. People use Twitter so that they can broadcast their thoughts to the world in the now popular format of 140 characters or less; more commonly known as tweets. Special hash tags can then be included to indicate certain topics or notable names in the tweet by prefixing the “#” special character. These can then be searched, grouped, and sorted so that you or other users can see what the world is talking about. The most popular topics are referred to as trending topics and would be presented in Twitter’s home page. The Beluga messenger is unable to do any of the above stated features.

Another major difference between Twitter and the Beluga messenger is their operation. Twitter is one of the biggest social media sites in the world nowadays and there is no sign of it stopping. In comparison, Beluga messenger is no longer available. It was purchased by Facebook in March of 2011 and only lived until December of the same year. Facebook used the Beluga messenger team to develop their Facebook messenger application and had it released five months after the purchase. Since Beluga messenger competes with the Facebook messenger, Facebook decided to put it down in favor of its own application.

The choice between Twitter and any messenger application like Beluga messenger is not really difficult. For messaging, you can choose from a wide variety of messaging applications. On the other hand, Twitter serves a very different purpose. Although you can use it for messaging as well, it has never been one of the strengths of Twitter. You are better of using a dedicated messaging app like Facebook messenger.


  1. Beluga messenger is purely a messaging app while Twitter is not
  2. Beluga messenger is already defunct while Twitter is still going strong

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