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Difference Between Current and Voltage

circuitCurrent and Voltage are two different but related aspects of electricity. Voltage is the electrical potential difference between two points while current is the flow of electric charge across a certain element. Together with resistance, they make up the Ohm’s law that relates the three variables together. Ohm’s Law states that the voltage between two points of an element is equivalent to the resistance of the element multiplied by the current that flows through it.

Voltage can take up many varying forms. There is AC Voltage, DC Voltage, and even static electricity that is also measured in Volts. It is easier to describe voltage by comparing it to water. Let’s say that you have two water tanks. One is half empty while the other one is full. The difference of the water levels in the two tanks is similar to a voltage difference. And just like water when given a path, the electrical potential would move from the point of higher potential to the point of lower potential until the two levels equalize.

Current can easily be computed if you know the voltage drop across a certain element and the resistance of the said element. In the given water analogy, if you place a tube that connects the two tanks, the rate which water flows from one tank to another is analogous to current flow. If you put a small tube, meaning more resistance, the flow would be less. If you place a larger tube, less resistance, then the flow would be greater. Experts say that it is not the high voltage that kills a person when electrocuted; they say that it is the amount of current that flows through the heart of a person. Since current flow can disrupt the heart and cause it to stop beating. That is also probably the reason why static electricity that ranges in thousands of volts is unable to kill a human being, since it cannot induce a high enough current flow in the body.

The measurement of draw is also based on these two values since power is equal to the product of voltage and current. So if you draw a high voltage with low current from a battery, it would last just as long if you draw a low voltage with high current.

1. Voltage is the difference in potential between two points
2. Current is the rate of flow of electricity across a given element.
3. Voltage divided by current is the resistance of the element.
4. Whether a person dies from electrocution is based on the current and not the voltage.
5. Voltage and Current multiplied is power

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