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Difference Between DirecTV HR21 and DirecTV HR22

DirecTV HR21 vs DirecTV HR22

The HR21 and HR22 are two hardware versions from DirecTV. These two DVRs allow users to record SD and HD quality videos for viewing at a later schedule. They also have more features that the user can use to improve his overall experience.

The most significant and probably the only hardware difference between the two is the size of their respective hard drives. The HR21 is equipped with a 320GB hard drive while the HR22 has a 500GB one. The extra storage of the HR22 allows for substantially more recorded shows stored on your device before you would need to start deleting shows to accommodate future recordings. This is not really such a significant upgrade but some people who record a lot of shows may find the additional drive space very useful. In all other aspects, the HR21 and HR22 are exactly identical. Don’t expect to find anything new with the HR22.

In both devices, you would find HDMI, RCA, component, and composite video output options along with TOSLINK for audio. These should be adequate to connect to most vide devices. Aside from SD resolution, both are also able to record at 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, and 480i. Both are also equipped with dual tuners that should allow you to record to streams at once.

Since the bigger hard drive is more expensive, expect to pay more for the HR22 than the HR21. If you are on a budget, the HR21 is the clear winner while the HR22 is meant for those who do not care about the cost difference between the two.

If you do record a lot of TV shows, it is worth looking into the HR22 rather than the HR21. But for those who already own the HR21, there is really nothing new to the HR22 that would make it worthwhile to upgrade. If you do have space problems with the HR21, it is cheaper to simply transfer the content to an external drive or to transfer it across the network using the fast Ethernet connection that both devices are equipped with. You can then back them up in blank DVDs which are very cheap.


1. The HR21 has 320GB of disk space while the HR22 has 500GB of disk space

2. The HR21 is cheaper compared to the HR22

3. You can attach external storage to the HR21 to match the HR22

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