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From the beginning of the mobile phone, there has been a clamor for sending data over the network aside from voice. Systems were created that enabled user to send text messages to each other. From there, data communications began with technologies like GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) and WAP (Wireless Access Protocol) has given us a glimpse of how mobile internet would be.

GPRS is a 2G technology that allowed mobile phones to extend their usability a lot further than by simply making calls. It is the main technology behind MMS features that allowed users to send pictures, sound clips, and even videos to other MMS capable mobile phones. It has even allowed access to a diluted version of the internet via WAP with speeds that ranged between 56 and 114 kbps. The main problem with GPRS though, aside from its slow connection speed, is the fact that you are being charged on the kilobyte, which means that you would need moderate downloading unless you want a very big bill.

The appearance of 3G technology has even expanded the capabilities of mobile phones even further. 3G introduced video calls along with high speed data access that reach speed of up to 384kbps. Those speeds are already in the minimum speed of DSL connections and are more than enough for browsing the internet. The mobile phones that are compatible with 3G networks have also advanced enough to carry browsers that are capable of processing and displaying whole web pages. Despite having a very small display, the workaround of zooming in still makes the experience worthwhile. The added benefit of 3G is the fact that telcos are now charging by the minute and some even offer data plans with unlimited access.This made mobile internet basically just like DSL.

It is quite easy to see that 3G technologies are the wave of the future and it would only be a matter of time before the 2G network is retired in favor of the much faster 3G. Despite being incompatible to the existent GSM networks, 3G technology has proven itself to be significant enough to warrant the gradual rollout of the infrastructure needed to support it. The speed that we experience with 3G is so much more compared to GPRS and it has allowed multiple capabilities like video calling and even live TV via streaming. Aside from all that, the introduction of even newer technologies like HSDPA which provides over 7.2mbps of bandwidth ensures that 3G would be here for the foreseeable future.

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