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Registered Jack is the meaning of the acronym RJ which is the acronym that cable connectors usually start with. Two of the most common jacks are the RJ45 and RJ11, each with their own specific purpose. The main difference between these two is in where they are actually used. RJ45 jacks are used in networking, where you connect computers or other network elements to each other. RJ11 is the cable connector that is being used in telephone sets.

Aside from the application, there are also differences that an individual can easily see and identify. The first of which is in the number of cables that are accommodated in each connector. If you look closely at both connectors, you would see that there are only four wires inside and RJ11 while there are eight wires inside an RJ45. As a consequence of having to accommodate more wires, RJ45 connectors are also a little bit bigger than RJ11s. It is then quite easy to deduce that you cannot plug-in an RJ45 connector to a RJ11 slot but the opposite is possible.

Although you can plug an RJ11 connector into an RJ45 slot, you should avoid doing that because you might damage the device that has the RJ45 slot, whether it is a switch or a network adapter. This is true when you use an RJ11 connector that is connected to your phone line. The reason behind this is the power that is being delivered by the telephone company into your handset that allows it to function even during a power outage. But with proper knowledge and training, some people have been able to use RJ45s all over their house instead of RJ11s.

A lot of people have begun to place RJ45 jacks on wall outlets inside their houses in order to reduce the number of visible wiring when using VoIP handsets that are rapidly gaining popularity right now. These mobile phones need to connect to your network instead of your telephone line. Usually VoIP handsets are found beside routers or computers, but having an RJ45 outlet gives VoIP phones the same amount of freedom as standard telephone sets when it comes to positioning.

1.RJ45 is used with ethernet cables in computer networking while RJ11 is used in connecting telephone units
2.RJ45 contains more wires than RJ11
3.RJ45 is physically bigger than RJ11 to accommodate the extra wires

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  2. Thank you very much – a clear explaination.

  3. I usually see switch with 24 port RJ45.i want to know if there is switch with 24 port RJ11

  4. Crisp, clear “difference”.
    Perhaps it would have been better if:
    “Although you can plug an RJ11 connector into an RJ45 slot, you should avoid doing that …”
    “Although you can ^physically^ plug an RJ11 connector into an RJ45 slot, you should avoid doing that…”

  5. thank you very much.. very wonderful explanation…:)))

  6. crisp and clear explanation , it’s difficult to make something simple and you did it amazingly well. thanks

  7. How many register jack do we have and deffrencite for me between rj4 and rj 11. Rj45 and rj11

  8. im using tatadocomo router they one RJ11 Its input port AND 4 RJ45 its are output PORTS BUT my ISP provider given RJ45 JACK to the my comuputer directly they tell this is not support for as..and i can use this router to rj45 input therie is any chance to convert RJ45 TO RJ 11 CONVERT ER PLS INFORM ME

  9. Fine blog. Good succinct information. You are now on my desktop. Thank you for clearing my confusion.

  10. I have a new router with RJ45 port , but the internet provider provide cable with RJ11

    how can I solve this ?

    please help me , thanks in advance

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