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Difference Between SRGB and Adobe RGB

SRGB vs Adobe RGB

RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) is the color space that encompasses all the visible colors. But it is not possible or reasonable to include all of them into a digital representation. Because of this, alternative color spaces like SRGB, which stands for Standard RGB, and Adobe RGB were created. Both color spaces can represent up to 16 million colors. But the main difference between the two is what colors they cover. SRGB was created first and only covered a fraction of the entire RGB range. Adobe RGB, which came later, covered a little bit more of the RGB color space in the shades of green.

The increase in the number of colors that Adobe RGB has given is a much wider color gamut. But since it can only contain a fixed number of colors, some of the colors come at the expense of others. So if a color had a specific number of shades in SRGB, it would have fewer shades in Adobe RGB.

Because SRGB was created first, the majority of the computer monitors and printers are optimized for that color space and not Adobe RGB. You should take note of this if you just want to print photos in your typical printer or you want to upload photos online. Using Adobe RGB in these scenarios would only make your pictures look worse. The colors on the monitor or paper would look duller or washed out due to their non-identical nature. This is because most computers and printers only recognize SRGB and treat the file as such and not as Adobe RGB.

Most people think that Adobe RGB is superior to SRGB due to its wider color gamut. But in practice, the pictures using Adobe RGB do not really come out better than those using SRGB. Even when you have the right equipment, software, and know-how not to mess up the process, there are very few scenarios where you will see an improvement in the image quality. At the worst, you can mess something up in the process making your photos look worse than if you just started out with SRGB.


1.SRGB and Adobe RGB do not represent identical colors.
2.Adobe RGB has a wider color gamut while SRGB has finer color shades.
3.Most printers and monitors are optimized for SRGB and not Adobe RGB.

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