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Difference Between Texting and Email

The methods of communication have evolved as the needs of the societies changed over time. Back then, people used letters to communicate with each other. Even before that, they could convey messages with fire and smoke, whistles, or drums. The telegraph then changed the face of long distance communications. Then telephone came which revolutionized the way people communicate. Communication technologies have evolved dramatically since prehistoric times. Looking back at the dark ages of the domesticated pigeons, letters, and telegraph, the present day conveniences of the digital era are truly revolutionary. The latest technological innovations such as the Internet and smartphones have made long-distance communication a breeze. Communication technologies have evolved beyond our imagination from SMS and Emails to Twitter and WhatsApp and beyond. We’ll discuss the two most common and widely used methods of communication, Texting and Email.

What is Texting?

Text messages are one of the most common and the oldest methods of communication that involves sending and receiving short text-based messages called texts between mobile phones. Texting is a slang term used for text messaging meaning communicating via electronic messages or SMS (Short Messaging Service). It simply is the act of composing and sending SMS to one or more mobile devices over the cellular network meaning anyone with a mobile phone can send SMS to any other person with a phone using just his phone number.

What is an Email?

Email is a more sophisticated mode of communication which involves distribution of electronic mails or messages from one mobile device to another by electronic means using the recipient’s email address. It works almost like a mail service, except an email is sent to the recipient via the internet. Both sender and the receiver require an email address to send and receive emails and the address is unique to the user. Emails can be accessed either from web interface on your computer or using web-based applications such as Gmail, Outlook, and more.


Difference between Texting and Email

  1. Meaning of Texting and Email

Texting is the slang term that refers to communicating via electronic messages. It’s one of the quickest and less intrusive methods of communication which involves creating and sending short electronic messages, commonly known as “texts”. In simple terms, it’s the exchange of texts between two or more mobile devices. Email, short for electronic mail, is a method of sending messages via telecommunication links between people using electronic devices such as smartphone, tablet, laptop, or even desktop computer. Simply put, an Email is a way to communicate via the internet.

  1. Method involved in Texting and Email

Both are the most common and feature-rich ways of communication, except anyone with a mobile phone can send text messages to anyone else with a phone, regardless of the platform. However, it requires cellular network to transmit text messages to the receiving end. Email, on the other hand, requires a stable internet connection such as Wi-Fi or cellular network to send electronic messages. Additionally, Email systems also require both sender and receiver to be online. No internet connection means no Email.

  1. Platform of Texting and Email

An Email client is required to compose, send, receive, archive, forward, print, and delete electronic mails. Email client is a program or web application that allows you to send or receive emails between one or many email addresses through the web interface or mobile application. Common examples of email clients include Gmail, Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Yahoo, etc. Texting relies only on cellular network and the term is originally referred to sending messages using the SMS (Short Message Service). You can send a SMS from your mobile device to any other mobile device using cellular network.

  1. Dependability with Texting and Email

To setup your computer or smartphone to send or receive email, you must already have the email account created for which you need your username and password for authentication. Email requires a web interface or a web application to connect to the mail server. A mail server is a server that delivers emails over a network, via internet. Texting is platform independent meaning no application or web interface is required to send or receive text messages making it one of the most convenient methods of communication.

  1. Security features in Texting and Email

Texting is platform independent meaning it doesn’t require any platform to facilitate communication between the sender and receiver. It just uses the cellular network to send messages, so anyone with access to your phone can send messages to anyone else using just his/her number. Email, on the other hand, is one of the most secured methods of communication as it requires a username and a password to authenticate the user. However, both the communication methods are equally prone to phishing and scams.

Texting vs. Email: Comparison Chart


Summary of Texting verses Email

Both texting and Email basically serve the same purpose, which is to facilitate communication between the sender and the receiver in the form of electronic messages. However, Email is kind of a mail service which works almost like the postal service where a message is composed by the sender and is addressed to the receiver along with his/her email address just like a postal address. Texting sounds more like a urgent mode of communication where messages can be exchanged almost instantly between the sender and the recipient. Emails can only be read as and when the recipient opens and views it, whereas text messages are displayed on the recipient’s mobile device instantly.

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